Geneveve™ is the newest treatment in vaginal rejuvenation, and it has an impressive list of clinically proven benefits. Geneveve™ has become increasingly popular as more doctors discover the benefits it can offer women. If you are considering this procedure, you likely have questions about the treatment process and benefits. We want you to be confident and comfortable choosing Geneveve™, so our team of experienced professionals has answered your most frequently asked questions about vaginal rejuvenation via Geneveve™.

What are the Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation with Geneveve™?

Geneveve™ can be used to treat the following conditions:

  • Dryness, itching, and pain in the vagina
  • Tissue laxity
  • Urinary incontinence

The treatment itself offers many benefits to women. Geneveve™ is non-surgical, there is no downtime or cutting, and only one 30-minute treatment is needed for most patients.

How Does Geneveve™ Work?

Geneveve™ uses radio-frequency technology with integrated cooling to treat the vagina. The treatment encourages collagen production in the tissue, which is the protein responsible for keeping our skin healthy and tight. As collagen production increases over time as a result of treatment, the vaginal walls thicken and tighten, providing the benefits associated with gential rejuvenation.

Is Geneveve™ Safe?

Yes, clinical studies prove that Geneveve™ is a safe and effective treatment.


What Should I Expect During the Geneveve™ Treatment?

The Geneveve™ treatment takes only 30 minutes to complete and is described by most women as virtually painless and comfortable. The tip of the device rotates while cooling and heating the tissue of the vagina. You will experience a warming sensation throughout the procedure.

Is the Procedure Painful?

No, our patients report that treatment is not painful, although for some it can be mildly uncomfortable.

What Can I Expect After Geneveve™ Treatment?

After treatment, you will notice an increase in nerve sensitivity and muscle contractions. There is no downtime so you can resume normal activities immediately upon leaving the office. 

How Do I Make an Appointment to Learn More About Geneveve™?

Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville is proud to offer Geneveve™ to women in Nashville and the surrounding neighborhoods. The first step in vaginal rejuvenation is scheduling a consultation so we can learn more about you and your health goals. Contact our office by calling 615-467-6777 or reach out to us online.