Dr. Gingrass was my 3rd surgeon. Apparently my skin lacks collagen and the initial work may have been sub par. After 5-6 surgeries I found Dr. Gingrass. We did a very time consuming lift with thousands if stitches to secure my breasts. They had been “bottoming out”. Results were great. Sadly, after all her good work they bottomed out again after 3 years. This was no fault of Dr. Gingrass. Well, this (hopefully last) time, she used a product called Strattice. Sounds horrific but it is some sort of cadaver mesh that bonds with your skin to create an “internal under-wire”. The recovery was worse than before but I think I just overdid. Scars are fantastic. Breasts are finally in the right place. Size is even and nicely shaped with high profile implants. She did some lipo on the sides and exchanged implants for me to stay the same DD. Everyone swears I lost weight but it was just the lipo and less wide breasts. Couldn’t be happier!