Velashape- The Male Perspective Follow-Up

Here are the words from P.S.:
“I have finished with 6 weeks of Velashape treatments, and what a great journey.  The environment, the staff, and the treatment itself was first rate.  I truly enjoyed the experience and look forward to exploring other procedures in the future.  Now that I’ve lost 5 cm from my waist line, I will continue my regular exercise program along with good nutrition in order to maintain this fantastic jump start to the PERFECT ABS!”

Velashape-The Male Perspective Follow-Up

L.W. met up with us after his 6th treatment with the Velashape.  Here are his words.  “Overall, I’m very happy with the results of the Velashape.  Especially, considering the fact that I started it in the middle of the holidays when I’m not eating and exercising like I normally do.  I was only working out a couple of days a week between Thanksgiving and New Years.  I know I was eating  a lot more food than normal and I still Read More »