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Could You Benefit from a Mommy Makeover?

Though childbirth is a beautiful experience, it does create physical changes and can impact a new mom’s self-esteem. At the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville, we offer a variety of procedures to help all moms feel and look their absolute best. Better yet, these procedures are all non-surgical, making them convenient and practical for even the busiest of schedules.

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About Our Non-Surgical Procedures

New mothers are often challenged by changes to their physical appearance following pregnancy and birth and limited by their busy schedules. The solution is treating aesthetic issues with non-surgical procedures. Because treatment is non-invasive, there is no lengthy recovery or downtime required. You can look and feel more like yourself with our help, giving your self-confidence a much-needed boost.

The non-surgical mommy makeover procedures offered at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville include the following:


The stress of pregnancy and motherhood can cause unwanted lines and wrinkles to develop across multiple areas of the face. Both Botox® and Dysport are used to combat these issues. While each injectable differs slightly from the other, Botox® and Dysport are used to remove crow’s feet, frown lines, wrinkles around the mouth, forehead, and eyes. Factors such as skin type and goals, as well and advice and guidance from your doctor will determine which injectable is the best option for you. Botox®and Dysport are both FDA-approved and proven effective at providing relief of aesthetic facial concerns.

To learn more about Botox® and Dysport, click here.


If you want bright, younger-looking skin, consider a HydraFacial. Not only does this treatment help hydrate your skin, but it can be tailored to fit your skin type. HydraFacials are recommended to correct hyperpigmentation, oily or congested pores, lines, and wrinkles. Compared to other popular facial treatment, such as a chemical peel, this procedure is gentle and calls for less downtime, which is often a must for new mother. Results are often immediate and have been known to last long-term.

To learn more about HydraFacials, click here.

Meet the Doctors

Learn about our Board-Certified plastic surgeons and why you should choose two RealSelf 500 award winners for your next procedure!

Meet the Doctors

Learn about our Board-Certified plastic surgeons and why you should choose two RealSelf 500 award winners for your next procedure!


Though sometimes compared to HydraFacials, Microneedling is more known for fighting fine lines, scarring caused by acne, loose skin, skin texture, and issues associated with pigment. Minimally invasive, and pain-free, the treatment uses small needles to puncture the top layer of the skin, stimulating cell turnover, collagen, and elastin production. Microneedling can successfully reduce the signs of aging. Following treatment, it will be necessary to avoid direct sunlight, drink plenty of water, and avoid using alcohol-based products.


CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved fat-freezing procedure that helps smooth certain problem areas of the body. This procedure is popular among new mothers who want to achieve leaner midsections and sculpted thighs. Treatment targets fat cells underneath the skin, freezing and eliminating areas where stubborn fat has accumulated. As your body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells, you will look more sculpted in the right areas. This treatment is particularly significant for individuals who are having trouble getting rid of unwanted pockets of fat, despite diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is not a replacement for healthy exercise or nutrition but is an excellent tool for fine-tuning your body and helping you achieve your ideal shape.

To learn more about CoolSculpting, click here.

Geneveve Treatments

Geneveve is a clinically-proven treatment that can safely rejuvenate vaginal tissues. This single-session treatment targets multiple issues, such as soft tissue looseness and laxity, both of which are caused by childbirth. The procedure is comfortable and only takes 30-minutes to complete. The results from a Geneveve treatment often last more than a year.

To learn more about Geneveve, click here.

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Achieving Beauty after Baby with a Mommy Makeover

Every woman deserves to feel good about herself. After children, you can expect many things to change, but women often discount or disregard the value of loving what they see when they look in the mirror. If childbirth has left you looking and feeling much different than before, cosmetic treatment can provide answers to your most challenging problems. While procedures are offered to eliminate fat and smooth or tone skin, busy family life can leave mothers without adequate time in their schedules to dedicate to surgery and the recovery process typically associated with invasive procedures.

A non-surgical mommy makeover is not only ideal, but a fast, effective, and affordable way for all mothers to achieve improved confidence and feel like their selves again.

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