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Megan Spivey, Nurse Injector

Megan Spivey, BSN, RN has always loved all things beauty, especially the kind of beauty that improves someone’s self-confidence. When she was only 12, she had acne that required medical intervention for complete resolution, sparking her skin care interest. Fast-forward 17 years, Megan now makes it her mission to provide non-surgical facial rejuvenation in the most effective and natural way.

Megan graduated from the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) School of Nursing in May 2011 and has worked as a Cosmetic Nurse Injector since 2013. In addition to being a member of the Organization of Facial Plastic Surgery Assistants (OFPSA) since 2012, Megan trains and attends Continued Education courses to stay up-to-date on the best techniques to smooth lines and improve volume loss in the face.

Megan joined the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville March 2016, bringing with her a wide range of skin care and facial injectable knowledge. Her menu of services includes Injectable Consultations ($50 deposit required which will be used towards services), Botox® and Dysport Injections, as well as dermal filler injections from the Juvéderm® and Restylane® of product lines.

A raving review for Megan!

Megan Spivey, RN, has acquired the proficiency with Botox® injections that went beyond my expectations. I tend to bruise easily. In the past 10 years I have had to schedule my treatments to take place when I would not be in public as often as my normal routine. It also required extra time to use artistic pancake make-up (for about 2 weeks or more) in attempt to cover the blue to green then yellow discoloration. Since the first injection with Megan, I have had no bruising. Not once have I had to resort to camouflaging make-up! Her injection sites are precise with minimal bleeding and exceptional positive results. I’m very grateful to Megan for her experience, safety of care, and quality of work to enhance a youthful reflection for my face. Her expertise has also added the special blessing of having me feel better about myself. Thank you Megan.