What is TouchMD?

A secure website that allows patients to view topic videos, services, galleries and personalized images. Patients can log in using their home computer to review their consultation, or download the app TouchMD Stat on their mobile devices!

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How to Log In

To log in, enter patient.touchmd.com into your web browser. You will then be directed to enter an email and password. Do not share your login information with others.

On myTouchMD.com, patients can:

  • Learn more about their doctor, the staff and facilities.
  • Explore topic videos about their procedures or medical conditions.
  • View or print any images or documents saved during a consultation or office visit.
  • Inform your doctor of your interest in other services and/or products offered by their practice.
  • Able to show your friends and family before and after photos!

How To Access TouchMD Through the App

                                                                 Download TouchMD For iPhone:

                                                                Download TouchMD for Android:

How To Access TouchMD Through Web