10 Mommy Makeover Tips for the Best Results

During pregnancy, your body goes through a slew of physical changes. For some mothers, this transformation slowly subsides after their delivery. But for others, it could stay in the form of lax skin, excess fat, loss of body volume, and a change in their body’s features.

If you are experiencing the same effects, a mommy makeover in Nashville, TN, could help you restore your figure. Through multiple approaches and techniques, this procedure can trim loose skin, eradicate pockets of fat, and enhance the look of your breasts and labia.

But in order to get your ideal mommy makeover results, you need to follow a few suggestions before and after your procedure. To help you get a grasp on these best practices, here are 10 mommy makeover tips to help you finally achieve your ideal figure.

1. Discuss Your Concerns Openly

Mommy makeover comprises a set of effective procedures such as liposuction and tummy tuck. But it is also a customized approach that uses only those techniques that are suitable for your concerns. In order to achieve ideal results, discuss all of your goals with your doctor prior to the procedure. This helps you manage your expectations while also letting your doctor draw up a personalized treatment plan for you.

2. Take Your Time with Choosing Implants

If your mommy makeover involves a breast augmentation, you will need to select the type of breast implants that you want to get. Since you need to choose between saline and silicone implants, you can ask your doctor to show you samples from each category. You can also try on sizers to see your ideal implant size.

3. Be Prepared for Lab Tests

Once you have gone through the initial consultation for your ideal mommy makeover results, your doctor will require you to go through a few lab tests. These tests are able to determine the status of your overall health. These processes are not difficult, but knowing about them beforehand ensures a comfortable experience.

4. Get Ready to Quit Smoking

One of the most popular mommy makeover tips is to quit smoking a few weeks before your surgery. Smoking cigarettes can affect your body’s recovery rate from an injury and increase its chances of getting infections. As a best practice, your doctor may also remind you of this practice before your surgery.

5. Make Arrangements to Get Plenty of Rest

Depending upon the type of mommy makeover procedures, you may need to get extensive rest for at least a couple of weeks. Keeping this in mind, you should apply for time off work and plan for someone to help you around the home during your recovery. This can go a long way towards obtaining your ideal mommy makeover results.

6. Be Mindful of Medication Changes

If you are on certain medications such as antibiotics or blood thinners, your doctor would require you to temporarily adjust their dosage or pause their use. But this can only be determined once your surgeon looks at your medical history. In the light of personalized advice, you should be mentally prepared to readjust your ongoing medication.

7. Do Not Pick at Stitches and Bandages

Not picking at the surgery sites is another of the most common but essential mommy makeover tips. If you prod or scratch itchy bandages or stitches, it can expose you to the risk of infections and even delay your healing. Being mindful of this, you need to make it a point to be patient and avoid touching your bandages and stitches.

8. Drink A Lot of Water

If you want to attain optimal mommy makeover results, you need to adopt the simple yet effective practice of increasing your water intake after surgery. This not only gives your body the hydration that it needs but also allows it to flush harmful toxins out of your system. This contributes to an overall smooth recovery process.

9. Follow A Proper Diet

After you are done with your surgery, you need to pay attention to your nutrient intake. By increasing the consumption of healthy protein, dairy, fiber, and complex carbs, you can give your body the required nutrients while retaining your overall strength. This allows you to boost your recovery process and enjoy your results in a timely manner.

10. Be on Top of Your Doctor’s Appointments

From checking your surgery site to observing your nutrient intake, your doctor provides you with various post-surgery services during your follow-up visits. That is why sticking to these appointments stands out as one of the most critical mommy makeover tips that you can follow. After the first few visits, you can also switch to remote appointments for further convenience.

How To Get Ideal Mommy Makeover Results in Nashville, TN

In order to embrace the figure of your dreams after giving birth to your baby, you need the help and expertise of qualified plastic surgeons. Besides ensuring that you get high-quality care, this decision also lets you rest assured that you will have the best recovery possible.

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