Arm lift, crazy or not?

Hey all,

I recently posted on our Facebook page about the magazine Ladies Home Journal calling women who got arm lifts “crazy” in their April 2013 issue.  It never ceases to amaze me how the media will write an article from a skewed perspective.  They compared Cameron Diaz or Julianne Moore to the women who get arm lifts (or brachioplasties).   Neither Cameron nor Julianne are brachioplasty candidates.  Brachioplasty candidates are women (or men) who have a lot of excess skin of the upper arm.   So much excess skin, that often times their biggest complaint is not being able to fit the excess skin into a normal sleeve.  (Another suggestion from LHJ was we should all just wear sleeves if we couldn’t work out enough to get tight and toned arms.)


The one thing they did get right is the biggest factor affecting the appearance of our arms is our genetics.  Some people can be quite thin and still have thick arms.  Diet, exercise and be healthy.  If things still don’t fall into place, then visit your local board certified plastic surgeon!  We are a great resource.  And unlike LHJ, we won’t call you crazy for researching surgical options!