Best 5 Spots to Exercise in Nashville

There are both physical and mental health benefits that come from exercising and maintaining a healthy body. Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville compiled this list of five spots to exercise in Nashville. From intense cardio sessions to peaceful yoga classes, this list has something for everyone to enjoy. Fitness is important to our overall health and well-being, so treat yourself with an amazing workout at one of these fitness studios!

Krank Nashville

Learn from the best group fitness instructors at this premier cycle and strength fitness studio, Krank Nashville.

Climb Nashville

Be more adventurous in your work out and check out this rock climbing gym, Climb Nashville, perfect for all ages.

Shakti Power Yoga

Channel the powerful creative energy inside of you by joining this intimate yoga community at Shakti Power Yoga.

BarreAmped Nashville

Find your balance and shape your body through classical and modern dance at this barre studio, BarreAmped Nashville.

Results Fitness

See results fast by enrolling yourself in any cardio or circuit training class led by dedicated personal trainers at Results Fitness.