Body Contouring Procedures for the Fall

There’s a reason for the season, and its body contouring. Fall isn’t just for holidays, family meals, and beautiful autumn scenery. Fall’s cozy, brisk, let’s-stay-indoors atmosphere is the perfect time to get body contouring procedures. Let’s find out what procedures are perfect for the fall.


Perfect for: removing stubborn, excess fat

Why the fall: you might experience some swelling and bruising from the sites of liposuction, and because exposure to the excessive sunlight and heat can actually worsen the swelling and bruising of healing tissue, it’s better to get a procedure like this in cooler weather.

Recovery: You should be able to return to work in a few days, but the swelling and bruising might take a few weeks to disappear.


Perfect for: creating an athletic looking, smooth, flat stomach

Why the fall: Also known as a tummy tuck, an abdominoplasty is the perfect fall procedure because fall has enough holiday weekends to let you rest comfortably at home. Think of it as a gift for yourself, you might even be completely healed in time for the holidays.

Recovery: It might take a few weeks to a few months to fully recover from a tummy tuck, and strenuous activity should be discouraged until you’re comfortable.


Perfect for: Removing extra fat and skin on the arms for a more toned look

Why the fall: Feel like being discreet after a procedure? Why not get your brachioplasty done during sweater weather? It’s not easy to hide your incisions with short sleeves, so pick a time when you can wear bulky, comfortable sweaters during your recovery. By the time spring rolls around, you should be able to show off your new toned arms.

Recovery: You should return to work in about 1 week, but you should avoid any strenuous activity for two weeks.

Thigh lift

Perfect for: Lifting and tightening the medial or lateral sides of your thighs for more athletic-looking legs.

Why the fall: Short shorts are completely out in terms of fall fashions. What’s in are wide-legged jeans and comfy trousers, perfect for hiding the effects of a thigh lift. And since fall is the perfect time to cozy up inside with a cup of hot tea anyways, you won’t be missing out on any strenuous activity.

Recovery: Return to work after a week, no strenuous activity (lifting, pulling, or extraneous exercise) for 2-3 weeks.

Are you ready to schedule your fall body contouring procedure? Remember to schedule a consultation with experienced, talented surgeons like the ones at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville.