What is Post-Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery?

Post-bariatric cosmetic surgery, offered at our Nashville, Tennessee practice, refers to any number of procedures used to adjust the contours of a patient’s body following extreme weight loss.

Following a gastric bypass or other types of extreme weight loss surgery, patients may find that their body contours are drastically changed. The skin may be stretched out or hanging loosely off one’s body, no longer conforming to the new, slimmer body shape. Facial features may seem to sag due to weight loss and stretch marks may be present on a person’s skin. The Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville has various procedures to alleviate these problems. Often we may be able to combine certain procedures to maximize their benefit to you.

Post-bariatric cosmetic surgery can correct these aesthetic problems following successful extreme weight loss. We at The Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville can help you have the body shape and proportionate appearance to match your brand new lifestyle.

Below is a list of post-bariatric procedures at our Nashville, Tennessee cosmetic surgery practice.

To learn more about the various procedures above that constitute post-bariatric surgery, contact our Nashville, Tennessee cosmetic surgery office.