Many factors combine into choosing the right implant for your breast augmentation.  Come in and talk with one of our skilled, female surgeons and we’ll help you decide.



Saline breast implants are FDA approved for women 18 years of age and older. Typically less expensive than their silicone counterparts, these prosthetics are filled with a safe, saline water solution, allowing ruptures to be easily detected.

The incision is made near the breast fold or in the base of the areola. Once the implants are placed, your plastic surgeon will fill them with the saline solution to the size that was discussed at your pre-operative appointment.

Saline breast implants are manufactured by Allergan and Mentor pharmaceutical companies. Both the Allergan Natrelle and the Mentor Saline Implants are available at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville.

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Silicone breast implants are FDA approved for women 22 years of age and older. Totaling around $900 or more than saline variety, silicone breast implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel, allowing them to feel natural and have less likelihood of rippling. Ruptures of silicone are harder to detect than their saline counterparts, but neither rupture of saline or silicone has been linked to any health problems.

Silicone implants typically require a slightly larger incision because they are prefilled devices. Drs. Mary Gingrass and Melinda Haws also use anatomically shaped silicone for some patients.  These tend to have a more natural look and help shape the breasts.

All silicone implants are considered “cohesive” gel, but only the most cohesive are called “gummy bear” type.  These include the Mentor MemoryShape, Allergan 410 shaped implants, Sientra Shaped Implants and, most recently, a highly cohesive round variety, also manufactured by Sientra. All of these styles are available at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville.

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