Do I Still Need Mammograms After Breast Augmentation?

Implants or not, your breasts need a little TLC. Before breast augmentation, you needed regular mammograms, physician exams, and at-home self-breast exams to look for signs of breast cancer. The same applies after implants. Yes, you do need mammograms after breast augmentation.

Mammograms After Breast Augmentation – What You Need to Know

After getting breast implants, it can be more difficult for the technicians to see certain areas of the breasts during a mammogram. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the procedure done, of course. To get the best possible results:

  • Tell the imaging center you have implants when you schedule your appointment.
  • Tell your technician you have implants before the imaging is started.
  • Take extra images (women with implants typically have two extra images taken on each breast using a technique known as implant displacement). This is in addition to the four images regularly taken on each breast.
  • Tell your doctor if you notice breast changes.

Implant displacement can be uncomfortable on women with capsular contracture. Implant displacement is often easiest on women with implants that were placed behind the chest muscle.

I’ve Heard a Mammogram Can Rupture My Implant. Is this True?

A mammogram can rupture an implant, but this is extremely rare. The value of a mammogram is much greater than your risk of a rupture. Choosing a facility with experience working with implants can improve your mammogram experience. Make sure you mention your implants when making the appointment for your mammogram and when you first meet with your technician.

Breast Self-Exams After Breast Augmentation – A Few Simple Tips

In addition to mammograms, you should perform monthly breast self-exams. The process is similar to breast exams without implants. We can explain the process to you; just ask. Here are some tips for a successful breast self-exam after breast augmentation.

  • Get Familiar– After breast augmentation, your breasts will feel different. Get used to how they feel and familiar with what’s normal and what isn’t. It can be helpful to have a doctor show you how to find your implants. This will make it easier to spot a problem during your self exams.
  • Watch for Changes– You know your breasts! If something changes or doesn’t seem right, schedule a visit with your doctor.

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