Dr. Mary Gingrass Featured in RealSelf Article!

RealSelf used Dr. Gingrass and her expertise in their article: Plastic Surgeons Who Got Plastic Surgery — 20 Tried-and-True Tips From RealSelf Top Doctors.

Here’s what Dr. Gingrass had to say:

8. After a breast augmentation, lift with your arms and shoulders.
Dr. Mary Gingrass had a breast augmentation at age 40 and with a 3-year-old at home she learned first-hand how impossible it can be to follow doctor’s orders. “Before having children, I had no clue how much a mom carries around their kid between birth and age three,” she says. “I also realized that no matter what I told these moms, they were likely still going to lift their kid!” Now she advises her patients to lift with their arms and shoulders, keeping their backs straight. Keep it at a minimum and watch out for opening heavy doors and scrubbing up around the house. “That’s what hurts!”

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