“Exploding Implant Woman Wins Payout”

Dr. Haws found a fascinating article about an “Exploding Breast Implant” on the Internet last weekend.  Apparently, a British woman traveled to the African nation of Tunisia to have her breast augmentation performed.  She returned home after a second surgery to revise an undesirable result and had her breast “explode in the shower.”  While it’s difficult to know exactly what happened, it sounds as if she had a large pocket of fluid around her implant which worked its way out.  It may or may not have been infected.  And, while this is a stressful and awful outcome, it’s not an exploding implant!

As board certified plastic surgeons, we cannot express enough the importance of carefully selecting your surgeon.  And while “plastic surgery tourism” does have an appeal, whether to save money or combine your procedure with an out of the country vacation, it is much harder to really evaluate that surgeon and practice.  Additionally, as you can see from the article, it’s even more difficult to get help with a complication.

What do you think?

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