I Want Breast Augmentation Surgery… What Are My First Steps?

Do you want bigger breasts? What’s holding you back? If you’re considering breast augmentation, but unsure of the first step to take, keep reading. This helpful guide will help you navigate those initial steps so you can finally achieve the breasts of your dreams.

How Much Do You Know About Breast Augmentation?

You certainly don’t need to be an expert on breast augmentation (Dr. Haws and Dr. Gingrass have that covered), but it can be helpful to learn about the procedure. This can help you to finally decide if breast augmentation is right for you and can help you better communicate with your surgeon during your consultation. As you learn more about the procedure, write down any questions you may have and be sure to bring your list when you come in and meet with us for the first time.

These resources will help you learn more about breast augmentation:

Breast augmentation is a major surgery, but the good news is, most women love their results. One study found that 98% of women said the results of their breast augmentation met or exceeded their expectations. You’re going to love your new look!

Find a Surgeon

Once you know you’re ready for surgery, it’s time to choose a surgeon. This decision is one of the most important you’ll make throughout your breast augmentation journey. Don’t choose your surgeon based on cost or convenience. Choose a surgeon with the skills you need for a gorgeous (and safe) result. We recommend working with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Family and friends can be an excellent starting point in your search for a plastic surgeon. Online reviews are another helpful tool for narrowing the list of potential candidates. Many surgeons offer consultations so you can learn more about the procedure and the surgeon you’re considering. To schedule a breast augmentation consultation at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville, call us at 615-467-6777.

Stop dreaming of bigger breasts and start enjoy them! Take the first steps towards your breast augmentation.