Is it Wise to Gift Plastic Surgery?


There is no doubt plastic surgery can help hundreds of people in the Nashville area who have cosmetic concerns. Like the professional who sees the emergence of forehead wrinkles and drooping eyelids. Or the mother whose body experienced multiple changes after childbirth. Then there’s the young girl with asymmetric breasts. Whether facial appearance or body contours are an issue, plastic surgery has become an ideal option to help men and women achieve their aesthetic goals.

As we draw closer to Christmas, we find ourselves in the season of giving. Many are burning the internet or shopping the stores to find those perfect gifts. When we shop for a loved one, we want to ensure the gift we choose will bring them joy and, in some cases, improve their lives. But if we see some cosmetic flaw which we know can be corrected, is it wise to gift plastic surgery?

Who is the Gift Really For?

There are some embarrassing moments which happen when we assume things which are not the case; like when someone asks when a woman’s baby is due when she is not pregnant. This mistake not only causes embarrassment but can be an offense as well. When the giver of the gift assumes by their own estimations someone would benefit from a plastic surgery procedure, if the receiver has never considered the treatment necessary, some hurt feelings may be the only result.

On the other hand, if a loved one has expressed a desire to have a specific procedure or procedures, then providing the resources to have the surgery is appropriate. Initiating the process for a plastic surgical procedure should come from the prospective patient and nobody else.

The best-case for gifting plastic surgery is after the patient has already committed to having a procedure. When costs are keeping the receiver from pulling the trigger on surgery, gifting the money necessary is the best way to help them achieve the results they want sooner and put you in the best light as well. We have seen costs paid directly to us from the giver, or a gift in the form of a pre-paid debit card with a note attached.

When your intentions are proper for giving this gift, it is wise to give it privately rather than have it opened in front of others. Also, avoid giving any advice as to what procedure should be chosen or added, or what improvements should be considered as well. Put no strings on the money to be spent, as the procedure may change with the advice of the plastic surgeon.

The Flip Side

What if you have been wanting plastic surgery for some time, but don’t know how to ask? The first step is to make sure it’s the best choice for you. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon before requesting it as a gift. This initial step will ensure you are a candidate for the procedure, you understand the procedure fully, the associated risks and the recovery involved.

After your consultation, you will have a good idea of your options for the work you want to be done, the costs, and the method of payments. This information will equip you to approach your loved one with details on how to help you with this gift.

Statistically Speaking

What we see in our office and what many surveys indicate are when men gift plastic surgery, it is most often to their significant other. When women are the givers, it is most often for a friend or their mother.

The most common gifts given are liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, and Botox.

The Gift Doesn’t End with the Surgery

Plastic surgery is not your typical stocking stuffer or a wrapped present under the tree. This gift requires commitment from not only the recipient but the giver as well. After the procedure, recovery requires a caregiver to help with the patient’s healing and their responsibilities. Once the surgery is complete, downtime is often necessary, and household chores, running errands, and caring for the kids will need attention. Performing or arranging these acts of service will only intensify the gratefulness you will receive for your thoughtful gift.

When is the Recipient Too Young?

Plastic surgery requires the patient to be mature enough to deal with the physical and psychological aspects of the procedure they undergo. However, we find many patients, specifically teenagers, who have dealt with cosmetic issues since childhood. For example, as a girl’s body grows, her breasts may develop out of balance with one breast larger than the other. This problem may cause concerns in her social development as well.

Many factors influence whether breast implants are suitable for a young woman. Here are some things to consider if breast implants are right for the patient under 21. The type of implant should be a consideration, with saline implants recommended for women under the age of 22. The FDA also recommends a woman be over the age of 22 for silicone implants. Although these are recommendations and not the law, if breast surgery is a procedure both parents and patient see as a viable solution, there should be no decision until after a frank consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Another consideration is how mature the patient is physically and emotionally. Some women bloom late with breasts still developing in their early 20s. Concerned parents should be aware of their daughter’s emotional maturity as well. Are her reasons for the procedure sound and can she commit to properly caring for herself during recovery?

The Gift Which Keeps on Giving

Plastic surgery is a life-changing event. It has the potential for tremendous results when a skilled plastic surgeon performs the procedure. When the patient realizes their results, not only will they look great with facial beauty restoration or body contour improvement, but self-image and confidence will soar as well.

Every time the receiver looks in the mirror and sees their results, they will think affectionately on the one who made the procedure possible. You will, in essence, be giving this gift every day afterward.

Alternative Treatments Appropriate for Gifting

While plastic surgery continues to be an effective choice to counter the effects of facial aging and sculpt body outlines, non-surgical treatments to improve appearance is trending. These include minimally invasive, injectables like Botox and dermal fillers, laser treatments, and medical-grade skin care. Because many patients implement these procedures in their beauty regimen, it takes the guesswork out of gifting them.

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