It’s the second week of our spring fling with plastic surgery procedures!

Last week we discussed Coolsculpt, our favorite method of non-invasive fat removal!  This week, let’s talk about breasts, more specifically breast augmentation.  Spring is always the hot season for breast augmentation.  Between new swim suits in the stores, having time off for Spring Break, planning your summer break beach vacation, and tax refunds, it’s sort of the perfect storm to get us thinking about breasts!  Whether you were just born with breasts that are too small to fit your personal ideal for your body, or you’ve had a pregnancy or two that left your breasts deflated, breast augmentation can be just what the doctor ordered!

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure where a breast implant is used to enlarge, and in many cases, shape the breasts.  In our office, we allow you try sizers before surgery so that YOU pick your size and get to test drive your look before going under the knife.  Once we know what volume you like, then we can then choose dimensions for your implant.  It is so deceptive to say “high profile is best” when a high profile implant offered by one implant manufacturer may be the exact same dimensions as a moderate profile in another!  The secret is to pick an implant that fits inside your natural breast footprint with the volume you want. This information will be selected and finalized at your pre-operative appointment before we ever go to the operating room, so you won’t wake up with any surprises.

Here at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville we offer breast augmentation with silicone (or saline) implants placed under general anesthesia to fill your breast envelope.  I put saline in parentheses there because with the outstanding range of silicone implants now available, it seems a shame to use saline.  In fact, given the superiority of the silicone implants, I have been known to beg patients to use silicone over saline.  However, this is a blog about augmentation; we can discuss silicone versus saline next week!

So if that bathing suit would look so much better with more to fill it out, or if you would love to wear a strapless dress but can’t hold it up, call us here at PSCON and we can set you up with the breasts of your choice.  Remember, augmentation makes you bigger and can help shape your breasts, a breast lift or mastopexy is needed to actually lift the breasts.  Oh look, there is another blog topic!

– Melinda Haws, MD