Mommy Makeover NashvilleWhat is a Mommy Makeover?

Offered by the professional doctors at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville, the “mommy makeover” should include any procedures needed by an particularly “mommy,” such as: liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, labiaplasty, and, if needed, more.

Those who have given birth know that bodies change with pregnancy – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Yet, regardless of the amount or type of change your body goes through during pregnancy, the point is that change does occur. In fact, both of our surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville are “mommies,” and have each experienced their own unique changes.

Most women who pursue a mommy makeover procedure have experienced some degree of breast changes, which can generally include a decrease in size, an increase in size, more sagging, or a change in nipple size. In addition, the abdominal wall may change, creating stretch marks, extra skin and relaxation, and separation of the abdominal wall muscles. Also, some women may have stubborn fat deposits that weren’t there prior to the hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy. Further, changes in the labia can develop, too, from congestion during pregnancy.

An important factor to recognize about the mommy makeover procedure is that all children are different, meaning the effects that having these children can be different, too. However, the mommy makeover procedure is customizable enough to adapt to any and all issues. No matter how many “fixes” you may need, it is possible to perform all procedures at the same time, as well as separately, if necessary.

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Mommy Makeover Procedures

As mentioned above, there are a variety of procedures that are part of a mommy makeover, from a breast augmentation to a tummy tuck. Below, you will find these different procedures explained in more detail:


Because of changes caused by pregnancy and breast feeding, women may wish to increase their breast volume through a breast augmentation, such as with implants. Although, women who had breast augmentation prior to pregnancy may find that their implants aren’t quite the same. These individuals may require another breast augmentation to fix implants, and to either increase or decrease the implant size.

Other women may discover that the volume of their breasts is fine, but that the shape of the breasts has changed. These individuals might want a mastopexy, which is also known as a “breast lift.” A breast lift can successfully reshape the breasts by tightening the breast tissue and the breast skin. For convenience, breast implants may be placed at the same time the mastopexy is performed, if an increase in breast size is also desired.

You can click here to see a video of how a breast augmentation is performed during a mommy makeover procedure.


A tummy tuck is an essential part of the mommy makeover. During pregnancy, the belly’s skin has to stretch to accommodate the growing baby while the abdominal wall muscles have to separate and stretch apart to allow for growth. Depending on your skin type, and how fast you gained your pregnancy weight, you might also develop unwanted stretch marks. A tummy tuck, which is also called an “abdominoplasty,” can tighten muscles and skin, while a mini tummy tuck can tighten only either the skin or the muscle. Unfortunately, there is no magic cure to get rid of stretch marks at this time. However, tightening the surrounding skin using a tummy tuck may help the appearance of these stretch marks.

You can click here to see a video of how a tummy tuck and liposuction are both performed during a mommy makeover procedure.


Liposuction is one of the best procedures for body contouring, as well as the mommy makeover procedure. Liposuction is an important part of the mommy makeover, because after pregnancy, many women find that they have gained new contours. Yet, unfortunately, these new contours are not the good kind! Often times, these changes are seen in the posterior hips, and even sometimes in the thighs.  Thankfully, though, these areas are very responsive to the fat reduction techniques of liposuction. Liposuction is also great for areas such as the hips, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, chin, cheeks, and neck.


During the later stages of pregnancy, it is not uncommon for the pelvis to become congested and to cause swelling of the labia. After pregnancy, some women find that the labia minora now hangs outside of the labia majora, causing a lot of discomfort. A procedure to trim or shorten the labia can be done with any portion of your mommy makeover, or alone, if preferred. This procedure is often performed under local anesthesia.

You can click here to see a video of how a labiaplasty is performed during a mommy makeover procedure.

Mommy Makeover Frequently Asked Questions

Because a mommy makeover procedure combines a variety of different surgeries, women often have many questions regarding the process. Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions about the mommy makeover procedure.

Of course, if you don’t see your specific question, or still have concerns, you are welcome to contact the trained and professional staff at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville by calling 615-476-6777.

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What is a mommy makeover procedure?

A mommy makeover procedure combines different surgeries to successfully restore a woman’s body after the negative effects of pregnancy and childbirth have occurred. These procedures are generally (and conveniently) all performed at one time.

What are the typical surgeries included in the mommy makeover procedure?

The ultimate goal of a mommy makeover procedure is to focus on the areas of the body most impact by childbirth and pregnancy, such as the breasts, tummy, and waistline. Therefore, the mommy makeover procedure frequently includes the following surgeries: breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, and a labiaplasty.

Of course, there is no law or rule that says a patient has to get all of the surgeries listed above performed. Further, some women choose to also have facial rejuvenation techniques completed. The procedure is completely subjective and individualized depending on each patient’s wants, needs, and overall goals.

Is a mommy makeover procedure safe?

As with any type of major surgery, unforeseen risks and complications can arise. However, these risks and complications are less likely to occur when the mommy makeover procedure is performed by a skilled, trained, and experienced professional, such as those staffed at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville.

In short, it is safe to have multiple surgeries performed at once. During your initial consultation, your doctor can discuss the risks involved with each particular surgery, and how likely they are to take place. This conversation with your doctor should help you feel more informed, prepared, and comfortable for the mommy makeover procedure.

What are some of the benefits to pursuing a mommy makeover procedure?

There are many benefits to having multiple surgeries performed at one time, such as: only one recovery period, less exposure to anesthetics, and one charge for both the operating room and anesthesia required for the procedure.

How soon can I schedule a mommy makeover procedure after giving birth?

Before pursuing a mommy makeover procedure, it’s best to let your body return back to “normal” as much as possible. Specifically, you should be at a steady weight for at least three months, be engaged in a healthy lifestyle (i.e. regular exercise and diet), and done breastfeeding, which will give your breasts a chance to return to their original state before pregnancy and childbirth.

Should I pursue a mommy makeover procedure if I plan to have more children?

It depends how quickly you plan to have more children. It’s best to schedule a mommy makeover procedure once you are completely finished having children, as further pregnancies can compromise a tummy tuck and breast lift. More so, if you plan to have children within the next couple of years, it’s best to wait to schedule the procedure. Yet, if you plan to wait longer than a couple of years to have more children, then you may go ahead and schedule a mommy makeover procedure. Of course, every individual is different. Ultimately, the choice of when to have the surgeries performed is up to you.

Following the mommy makeover procedure, how much time is needed for recovery?

Following a mommy makeover procedure, the amount of time needed for recovery will depend on which procedures you have performed. Of course, the more surgeries you have done, the longer amount of time you will need for recovery. Generally, it’s best to have about two weeks set aside to recover. You don’t want to push your body to do anything it’s not ready to do. Your body will continue to improve over the next few months, with the final results becoming visible in about six months.

During the recovery period, it’s important to get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, avoid direct sunlight, and to avoid any type of strenuous activity or exercise. In fact, before you start working out again, it’s best to get cleared by your doctor.

Is a mommy makeover procedure expensive?

Again, the price of the mommy makeover procedure will depend on how many different surgeries you choose to have performed. Of course, the more surgeries that are performed, the higher the cost. During your initial consultation with your doctor, you can discuss the overall rice of the procedure, as well as possible payment options.

Does a mommy makeover procedure hurt?

Pain is completely subjective. Therefore, whether or not the mommy makeover procedure hurts will depend on the individual’s tolerance level for pain. However, for any sort of discomfort, pain medication can be consumed.


At the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville, we have had the honor of working with a variety of women, in particular, “mommies” who have pursued different surgeries to counterbalance the negative effects of pregnancy and childbirth. Take a look at what some of our happy clients have had to say about our services:

“Everyone is so nice and welcoming! The entire experience was fabulous! Minimal pain, and the results are exactly what I wanted. I would do it again a million times over. I highly recommended many and family.” – Satisfied Client

“I was pleased with how everyone treated me. The doctor knew exactly what I wanted. I never felt pressured. She was very thorough in her explanations, and made me feel very comfortable. The hospital staff was also very nice and comforting. I am much more comfortable and confident now that I have my implants out and my breasts are not as saggy.” – Satisfied Client

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