New Year’s “Lovin’ the Skin we’re In” Resolution

It’s the beginning of 2011, and we all know the new year brings resolutions.  One of the resolutions we’ve made is to take care of the skin we’re in.  So, we took a survey of skin care products favored by our staff.  These are products that we love and use ourselves.

Sonya:   LOVES LOVES LOVES Youth by ISClinical.  She says ” I love the way it makes my face feel everyday.”

Carlene:   loves the ISCLinical cleanser, but REALLY loves it on her Clarisonic Brush.  She says “it makes her skin feel rejuvenated always.”

Melissa:  uses the Intellishade by Revision Skincare because she doesn’t have to spend money on foundation and her beautiful face is protected from the sun’s wicked rays.  Intellishade (spf 45) is economical, too.

Elise:  “Skin Strengthening Complex by NIA24”  It “makes my skin feel so healthy, smooth, and clear.”

Nancy:  loves Active Serum by ISClinical.  She “likes the way it makes my face feel, and has the most dramatic results as far as correcting sun damage over any other product that I have used.”

Tasha:  Using the Obagi Enhance system.  She “sees better texture, my skin is refreshed, and I LOVE the results.”

Betsy:  “I LOVE LOVE LOVE BIO-CREAM by Neocutis.  I use it on all of my laser patients, including myself!  BIO-CREAM actually absorbs into the skin and makes everything feel so much softer.”

Lynn:  “I use the Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant (spf 30).  I’m really oily in the T-zone, and have noticed a huge difference.”

Amber:  ISClinical cleanser “doesn’t dry me out, but still has glycolic acid.”

Half the staff loves ISClinical cleanser and half love the Brightening Facewash by Revision.

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