Breast Lift Case 1

46 year old female who is unhappy with the shape of her breasts. Post Op: Patient underwent a vertical mastopexy. The scar around the areola… View More

Gynecomastia Case 1

25 year old male unhappy with the size of his chest. Post Op: Patient underwent UAL of both breasts. A total of 400cc of fat… View More

Breast Lift with Augmentation Case 1

40 year old woman who desires fuller, lifted breasts. Post op: patient underwent bilateral mastopexy with 325cc implants filled to 330cc each. View More

Abdominoplasty Case 1

36 year old patient lost 137lbs, would like to see improved abdominal contour. Post op: Patient underwent Abdominoplasty with muscle tightening. View More

Breast Reduction Case 1

Patient wears a 38DDD bra. She complains of neck and back pain. Post Op: Patient has undergone a breast reduction of 580 grams on the… View More

Abdominoplasty Case 2

37 year old female desires smoother contouring of the abdomen, thighs and hip area. Post Op: Patient underwent abdominoplasty, with tightening of the rectus muscles,… View More

Breast Lift Case 2

29 year old patient presents after 180lb weight loss, is bothered by length and weight of her breasts. Post op: Patient underwent Mastopexy. View More

Male Surgeries Case 1

34 year old male unhappy with appearance of his abdomen and hip area. Post Op: patient underwent UAL of lower abdomen and hips. A total… View More