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Photos on this page depict ACTUAL PATIENTS.

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Injectables Case 18

48-year-old female received filler in the upper and lower lip border, corners of the mouth, fine lines on the upper lip, and smile lines to…

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Injectables Case 1

40-year-old female received filler under the eyes to treat tear troughs and dark circles. This patient also received botox to the glabella, crowsfeet, and forhead…

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CoolSculpting Case 2

Patient is a 43 year old female. Height 5’3″ weight 125. Pt underwent 1 CoolSculpting treatment to the flanks and inner thighs.

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Injectables Case 2

38-year-old female received filler to treat tear troughs and dark circles. This patient has also received botox to treat fine lines in the brow and…

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Injectables Case 4

47 year old female with filler in the lips for border definition and improvement in the lip lines and oral commissures (corners of the mouth).

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Injectables Case 6

33-year-old female received filler in the lips to define the border, obtain more volume throughout, and soften the small scar to the right of her…

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