Post Op Maintenance: Staying Healthy Following Your Procedure

We want every one of our patients to have an excellent experience when they come to the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville for cosmetic surgery. For us, your experience doesn’t end when the surgery is complete; we care about what happens after your surgery too. To help you make the most of your plastic surgery investment, we’ve created a helpful guide for keeping healthy post-surgery. If you have any questions before or after your procedure, please get in touch.

Tips for Post Op Success

A little preparation before surgery can make a big difference in the success of your recovery after surgery. Being prepared is important for both your mental and your physical health while you heal from surgery. Here are a few tips for getting ready for your procedure:

  • Get Help– The first day or two after surgery you’ll likely need a little extra help around the house. Enlist a trusted friend or family member to assist you. You’ll want to have this recovery companion around 24 hours a day for the first couple of days. They will be essential in helping you with your medications, getting food and drinks, and assisting you. They will also be around and available should an emergency occur.
  • Stock Your Fridge– After surgery you may not have a big appetite, but you still need to eat. Stock your fridge beforehand with easy to eat, easy to digest foods. Fruit juices, oatmeal, and soups are good choices to have on hand.
  • Gather the Needed Supplies– Put together any items you might need after surgery and have them ready in an easy to access location. You should have a thermometer to check your temperature and to watch for fever, medications and painkillers your surgeon has prescribed, ice packs or cold compresses if you’ll need to ice the surgical site, and gauze. You’ll also want plenty of clean bedding since you may need to change your sheets and pillowcases more often after surgery.
  • Know What to Expect– Ask your surgeon what to expect from your recovery period and plan accordingly.
  • Get Out– It might seem tempting to lie in bed for days right after surgery, but movement can be one of the best things you do for your healing. Getting up and moving around can help your body to heal. It is also important for your mental health. Don’t overdo it, but do start moving around as you can (and as your surgeon recommends).
  • Stay Hydrated– We also know it is very tempting to not stay hydrated, because it can be a chore sometimes just going to the bathroom after surgery, but don’t! Staying hydrated helps you heal and helps prevent other post operative complications.

A Little Maintenance Goes a Long Way

The days following surgery aren’t the only times that you’ll need to worry about taking care of your body after plastic surgery. You’ll also want to ensure that you take proper care of your body in the long run so your surgical results will last. Eat healthy foods, exercise, and stay active. Staying at a healthy weight will help you get the most from body procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks. After facial surgeries, you may want to visit us for skin resurfacing, dermal fillers, and other beauty treatments to keep your skin looking its best.

What will you do to keep your body healthy after plastic surgery?