Self-Conscious About Uneven Breasts? Talk to Us.


Let’s indulge in a bit of straight-talk for a moment: Are you embarrassed about your breasts? If you have uneven or abnormally shaped breasts, you may feel self-conscious about your appearance. This can affect you in many aspects, including your daily life and romantic relationships. If you’re self-conscious about your breasts for any reason, come see us to discuss your options. Uneven breasts are highly treatable.

I Have Abnormal Breasts. What Are My Options?

The best way to learn about your options for treating abnormal breasts is to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons. Both Dr. Haws and Dr. Gingrass are board certified plastic surgeons. We know that it can be embarrassing or uncomfortable to discuss your breasts, but we will strive to make the experience as agreeable and comfortable as possible. As female plastic surgeons, we understand. Come prepared to ask questions.

During your consultation, we’ll carefully examine your breasts and define the issue in order to explore your options. A simple breast augmentation will correct the issue in some women, but others may need more a more comprehensive plan. We’ll work closely with you throughout the process to determine your goals and to create a plan that you’re comfortable with.

We have experience treating a variety of breast abnormalities, including simple asymmetry, tubular breasts, pectus excavatum (sunken chest), and pectus carinatum (bird chest). The procedures vary widely depending on the cause of your condition and its severity. Procedure options include breast augmentation, breast lift, etc.

Are You Embarrassed by Your Breasts? Call Us Today.

If you’re bothered by the abnormal appearance of your breasts, call us today. We can help you increase your confidence by correcting these abnormalities. You do have options.