The Facts on Injectable Facial Fillers

When we talk about non-surgical treatments used for anti-aging regimens, injectable facial fillers rise to the top of the list. These excellent, minimally invasive procedures are quick, convenient, and offer stunning results. They have become enduringly popular in the aesthetic medical field for patients who are not ready for surgery or are looking for a fast touch-up before an upcoming event.

Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville offers time-tested dermal fillers to complement other non-surgical treatments like Botox and laser skin resurfacing. These include the popular product lines of Restylane and Juvéderm.

Here are some critical truths about dermal fillers that have helped many patients achieve their cosmetic goals. 

Natural Components

Juvéderm and Restylane each employ the natural hyaluronic acid found in your body’s bones, muscles, and tendons to add volume beneath the skin. Though these components will absorb slowly into the body, you will enjoy long-lasting results.

Temporary Benefits with a Big Punch

Depending on the product you choose, you could enjoy injectable filler benefits from six months to two years. While this may not seem like a long time, women and men choose dermal fillers to look refreshed and delay cosmetic surgery. When combined with other products like Kybella, typically used to reduce fat under the chin, you can enjoy a comprehensive facial makeover in less time than it takes for many facials. And the results will have you looking fantastic for several months, with follow-up treatments to help extend the outcome.

Target Specific Areas

Dermal fillers are an exceptional treatment to target specific cosmetic concerns while leaving other areas alone. For example, you can add volume to undereye hollows or improve the pout of your lips. We can restore lost volume to cheeks and temples or minimize parentheses or marionette lines around your mouth. We offer injectables for every part of your face for customized, comprehensive rejuvenation.

Easy to Schedule Appointments

If you’re like most of our patients, your time is at a premium. You may put off getting more invasive cosmetic treatments because you are unwilling to commit to the resulting downtime. Scheduling an appointment with one of our two nurse injectors is an easy process. And, after your quick treatment, you’re free to return to the office or your regular schedule once you leave our center.

Low Risk, High Reward

When compared to cosmetic surgery, dermal filler injections cost less and offer fewer risks. Though there may be minimal swelling, redness, or irritation, these effects resolve within a few hours, not days or weeks. It’s an ideal way to achieve youthful appearances without the risk or cost of surgery.

Choosing a Qualified Injector Is a Must

Because injectable treatments are in such high demand, many non-medical injectors have begun advertising their services. Unfortunately, these amateurs often have limited training, little to no medical background, and could do more harm than good.

You should only seek injections from medical professionals managed by board-certified plastic surgeons. Both of our Registered Nurse Injectors have over 10 years’ experience and specialize in dermal fillers as well as neurotoxin injections. If you want to learn more about dermal fillers and other non-surgical procedures, we would be happy to talk with you.

Learn More About Facial Filler Treatments in Nashville

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