The Skinny on Breast Implants


Do you have questions about breast implants? Good news! We have answers. We’ll help you understand everything you might want to know about breast implants from placement to the incision site and more. We’d love to have you come by for a breast implant consultation where we can answer any questions and provide specific recommendations for your breast augmentation surgery. Call us today and schedule yours.

Where Will My Breast Implant Incision Be Located?

When it comes to incision location, you’ve got options. Before surgery your surgeon will carefully analyze the best location for your incision to minimize scarring and promote the best size and shape for your new and improved breasts. If you have specific questions about which incision is right for you, ask us. Otherwise, here are a few of the most common incision locations.

  • Periareolar Incision- This type of incision is made around the areola (or nipple). With this type of incision the appearance of scarring is minimized. This type of incision also provides great access for implant placement. One potential disadvantage (although rare) is loss of nipple sensation which can occur in a small percentage of patients.
  • Intramammary Incision- This incision is made along the underside of the breast, where the breast meets the body. Any scarring is typically hidden by the fold of the breast or clothing (swimsuit top, bra, etc.). This incision gives the surgeon great control during placement for optimal results. If replacement is needed, the incision can be reopened, reducing any future scarring.

Should My Implant Be Placed Over or Under the Muscle?

Breast implants can be placed over the breast muscle (subglandular) or under the breast muscle (subpectoral). Often your surgeon will have a specific recommendation regarding optimal placement. The size and shape of your breasts and the results you hope to achieve may have an impact on which placement will work best for you. Both saline and silicone implants can be placed over or under the breast muscle. Ask your surgeon what placement they recommend and why.

What Size and Shape Implants Are Right for Me?

Your surgeon will certainly have recommendations for you regarding the best type, size and shape of implants. Be sure to talk with them and listen to their recommendations for your body type before making a final choice. Let’s take a look at a few of the options.

Saline Implants

For women opting for saline implants, the surgeon will choose low, moderate, or high profile implants, typically based on your body type and the desired end results. All three types are the same price and the decision between them really comes down to anatomy and desired final size.

Silicone Implants

With silicone implants there is the option between round and shaped silicone. We offer both here at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville. Your surgeon can provide a recommendation based on your body type.

Give your breasts the boost you’ve always wanted with breast augmentation. We look forward to meeting with you and further discussing your options.