Tips on Reducing Bruising/Swelling After Plastic Surgery

Bruising and swelling are usually the top two reasons why most people decide not to get facial injections, laser treatments, or other procedures that they’ve always been secretly (or not-so-secretly) curious about giving a try. After all, who wants to walk around with obvious bruising and swelling, prompting curious stares or questions that you might not want to answer? Arnica is widely known in the cosmetic surgery industry for its ability to help minimize bruising and swelling after a surgical or non-surgical procedure.

What is Arnica?

Arnica (Arnica Montana) is a perennial plant in the sunflower family. Folklore says that humans discovered its medicinal value by observing goats seek out the plant after falling or stumbling.  It started being used more commonly in ointments and tinctures when Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, conducted controlled tests proving the abilities of the plant to help cure inflammation and swelling. Modern day application has everyone from professional athletes, to patients receiving cosmetic injections or surgeries, using the homeopathic medicine to help aid in a speedy recovery.

Arnica also makes a noticeable difference in post-treatment bruising. When used as directed, Arnica can stop capillaries from bleeding, directly resulting in minimizing, or even preventing, the formation of bruising.

How can I use Arnica?

The most commonly applied forms of Arnica used are the homeopathic pellets, and a topical cream or gel. It is usually recommended starting the pellets a week before any kind of facial surgery or liposuction procedure, and to continue use until any bruising or swelling is gone. The Arnica cream or gel can be topically applied after injectables, to help reduce the amount of time a patient may have a bruise or inflammation. Arnica products can be used in conjunction with one another to maximize results.

Consider Arnica when doing these procedures:

The Arnica pellets, cream, and gel are all sold at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville. If you aren’t able to make it to the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville before your planned treatment or surgery, or would like to further enhance your efforts to prevent bruising and swelling, our Nurse Injector, Megan Spivey, RN, highly recommends a cup of fresh pineapple every day, starting 5-7 days before your procedure. Pineapple contains the enzyme Bromelain, which is also effective in minimizing bruising and swelling.