Valentine’s Day: Grab A Girlfriend and Treat Yourselves To Botox

Don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day? No worries! The holiday isn’t just for couples exclusively – it’s all about spending time with the people you love.

This February 14th, why not spend it with a best friend over drinks, food, and Botox? This may sound unusual to you, but getting Botox treatments together with a friend or family member is a growing trend. Many people prefer to have someone by their sides while receiving injectables, and it’s much better than a night alone at home on the most romantic day of the year.

Here are some of the reasons a growing number of women (and men!) get their Botox treatments with a friend, sister, mother, cousin – or anyone who’d want to try the treatment – and why you should as well:

  • A Strong Support System

This is one of the key elements to a successful cosmetic treatment, be it surgical or non-surgical. While Botox is a non-surgical treatment, it can still be a source of nervousness, especially for first timers. That’s why it’s beneficial to have someone close to you for support during the procedure. You’ll experience an increased sense of security that you’ve made the right decision, and an assurance that you’re not alone in this experience.

  • Strengthened Friendship

One of the best ways to strengthen a relationship is through activities that allow you to bond with a friend. As you treat yourselves to Botox, you’ll share an experience that only the both of you can relate to, and that is a great way to build a stronger friendship.

  • Overcome Anxiety

Botox treatments are safe as long as a certified plastic surgeon or a trained, skilled Registered Nurse administers the injections. However, there are still individuals who have anxiety over it. If the thought of injections scares you, having a close friend nearby can help relieve some of your fears. If it helps, you can even take turns holding each other’s hand to calm the uneasiness.

Psychological studies have shown that shared experiences can draw people closer. So why not strengthen your bond with a friend over Botox treatments this Valentine’s Day? Make sure to schedule an appointment in advance to get the most out of what could be your most unforgettable experience. Call The Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville and schedule your Botox treatment with Megan Spivey, our trained, experienced, and highly-skilled Registered Nurse, today.