What is a Mommy Makeover?

Ever interested in a Mommy Makeover but didn’t know where to start? Dr. Gingrass and Dr. Haws answer the most common questions about a mommy makeover here! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call!

1. What is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover is what ever surgery or combination of surgeries a mom needs to get the outside of her body to reflect her inside. The areas of the body that are most frequently affected by pregnancy are the breasts and the abdomen.

2. What are the most common procedures performed on a Mommy Makeover?

The most common combination of procedures are a breast procedure such as breast lift and abdominal procedure such as a tummy tuck. The Breast procedure could be an augmentation, a breast lift or both.  Most commonly the abdominal procedure includes a tummy tuck with or without liposuction.  Most women, but not all, who have been pregnant will benefit from tightening of their abdominal wall muscles as well as tightening of the skin.

3. Can a mini tummy tuck, a breast augmentation and a liposuction be performed in one surgery?


4. What is the minimum recovery time for a Mommy Makeover?

Whatever the surgery, you will have a minimum restriction of 2 weeks without heavy lifting pushing or pulling; nothing that gets your heart rate up or blood pressure up. If the only procedure is a breast augmentation or minimal liposuction, you could be back at work in 3 or 4 days.  If a tummy tuck is involved, most women require 2 weeks off from work.  Individual recommendations vary according to the top of procedures involved, your personal body type as well as your job requirements.  Most  women are back at full activity at 3 weeks.

5. What are the most common complications seen with mommy makeover?

It depends on the surgery and your health history. Bleeding or infection may be most common but are still quite rare at 1% or 2% incidence.

6. What is the best way to prepare for a Mommy Makeover?

Be healthy at a weight that is easy for you to maintain. Gaining or losing a significant amount after surgery can alter you results.  No crash diets and also add in a multivitamin and vitamin C.  Maintain protein input as well after surgery.  Talk with your doctor about your current medication and activity to see what needs to be adjusted before or after surgery.

7. If I’m planning to have more kids should I wait to have a Mommy Makeover?

If you know you will have more kids in he next one or two years, then wait as you may end up having to repair changes all over again. If you just want to reserve having more children later as an option, then go ahead.  None of the surgeries should interfere with child bearing, you just run the risk of needing revisions.

8. How severe is the pain after a Mommy Makeover?

It depends on which surgeries you have and your body. Talk with your doctor.  Most of these procedures are easly managed as an outpatient with oral pain medication.

9. How long before I can see results?

There will be changes immediately, however your final result will not be completely evident for anywhere from 2-6 months, depending on which procedures you undergo.

10. What type of scarring should be expected after a Mommy Makeover?

Again, it depends on which procedure you select.

11. How much time should I plan on taking off for a Mommy Makeover?

See number four, but speak with your doctor about your job requirements and she will be able to guide you.


If you’re interested and want to learn more, don’t hesitate to give us a call!