What To Look For In A Quality Skin Care Consultation

By Griffin Churchwell

If you’ve noticed recently that your skin is changing, from larger pores to sunspots that are getting increasingly darker, or a lack of hormones causing drier skin, it might be time to ask if the skincare regimen you’ve always used is still right for you. With #skincare trending on various social media platforms, your first thought may be to head back to Sephora, or other departments stores, to look for the newest product that promises to solve all your skincare problems with just one application, but an essential part of upgrading your skincare regimen is upgrading your skincare consultation with a licensed Aesthetician!

Aestheticians go to a specialized school where they learn about the layers and function of the skin, the quality of ingredients, treatments to improve skin function and proper sanitation and disinfection techniques. This allows them to give you a full skin diagnosis upon consultation.  A licensed Aesthetician will remove your make-up to examine your skin (typically under a magnifying lamp) and will take your medical history, such as medications and illnesses that may affect your skin, into account in order to give you a comprehensive assessment.

What To Look For In A Quality Skin Care Consultation:

A thorough skin exam. Be prepared to have your makeup removed. It’s fine to bring it to apply afterward if you’re not comfortable leaving without it. Bringing in your current skincare routine can be helpful so they can see what products you are currently using.

They will ask the right questions. This will allow them to put a name to your skin concerns and explain why you may be experiencing the symptoms you are. Alternatively, if they feel it is beyond their range of skills, they should be able to recommend a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who may be better suited to address your concerns.

Knowledge. Plain and simple, they should welcome all your questions and be able to answer them. An Aesthetician with proper knowledge of the products they produce will be able to explain the key active ingredients of their product recommendations and why each product will benefit you. Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask any questions or voice any concerns about products or treatments recommended. A good Aesthetician should be able to address those concerns. If you feel they are not able to, get a second opinion, see another Aesthetician, or do a bit more research.

They will be able to recommend a treatment plan. In addition to the daily AM/PM products, your aesthetician will recommend, regular treatments such as facials, chemical peels, laser or light treatments may be suggested to help you reach your goal of healthy, glowing skin. Following the complete skincare treatment plan that is recommended is an essential part of the picture in maintaining overall skin health. It’s important to know that results take time. Your skin cells naturally turn over every 28-40 days, so it can take 2-3 months to truly start seeing results from the products you’re using.


Griffin Churchwell has been an aesthetician since October of 2007, specializing in skincare, lasers, chemical peels, MicroNeedling, and CoolSculpting. She offers complimentary Skin Care Consultations each week, Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment to meet with Griffin, call 615-467-6777.

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