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Dr. Haws & Gingrass featured in: Social Media and Your Plastic Surgery Practice


When we finished residency, it was considered gauche, if not unethical, to advertise your practice anywhere but the yellow pages. A mere 18 years later, the yellow pages are long forgotten, and if your practice isn’t visible on as many web platforms as possible, you may be facing extinction. As painful as those of us who finished residency prior to 2000 find it, the Internet…

Nashville Plastic Surgeons Melinda Haws and Mary Gingrass

Nashville’s Best: Plastic Sugeons Dr. Melinda Haws & Dr. Mary Gingrass

Nashville’s Drs Melinda Haws and Mary Gingrass met in their medical residency, which is pretty interesting given they both ended up as plastic surgeons working together here in Nashville. Aside from being two of the south’s best plastic surgeons, they’re lovely people. Get to know them in this special episode of Nashville’s Best.

Part 1: Nashville Health and Wellness : Mommy Makeover

Drs. Mary Gingrass & Melinda Haws begin Part One of their TalkApolis multi-episode series, Mommy Makeovers. Learn more about the procedures and how patients are now choosing the Mommy Makeover–not for glamour, rather to simply get their pre-pregnancy body back.

Part 2: Nashville Health and Wellness : Mommy Makeover- Labiaplasty

Part II of our Mommy Makeover Series, Drs. Mary Gingrass & Melinda Haws discuss Labiaplasty. Learn more about this procedure–what is it? why women choose it? and, who are the best candidates for Labiaplasty.

Part 3: Nashville Health and Wellness : Mommy Makeover- Tummy Tucks and Liposuction

Part III of our Mommy Makeover Series, Drs. Mary Gingrass & Melinda Haws discuss Tummy Tucks & Liposuction. How are these procedures different? What’s the best procedure for you after pregnancy?

Part 4: Nashville Health and Wellness : Mommy Makeover- Breast Augmentation

Part IV of our Mommy Makeover Series, Drs. Mary Gingrass & Melinda Haws discuss Breast Augmentation. Learn more about this common procedure–both before and after pregnancy.

Part 5: Nashville Health and Wellness : How Plastic Surgery Helps Some Women

Part V of our Mommy Makeover Series, Drs. Mary Gingrass & Melinda Haws explain how a mommy makeover can help a woman’s self image.

Part 6: Nashville Health and Wellness – Daddy Do-Over: Botox®

Part I of our Daddy Do-Over Series. While there may be a stigma about botox, when done correctly, botox, fillers, and other non-surgical facial rejuvenation can help men to look younger and more refreshed, while still maintaining their masculine appearance.

Part 7: Nashville Health and Wellness – Daddy Do-Over: Gynecomastia

Part II of our Daddy Do-Over Series. Gynecomastia– the medical term for excess growth of breast tissue in males, is something that many males experience, but are unsure of what to do. Gynecomastia can be caused by steroids, supplements, a naturally occurring imbalance (primarily during puberty), or a symptom of male breast cancer. To find out more about Gynecomastia, Drs. Gingrass & Haws recommend starting your search on the Internet, and then moving on to your GP or Pediatrician, and finally to them to resolve the matter.

Part 8: Nashville Health and Wellness – Daddy Do-Over: Liposuction

Part III of our Daddy Do-Over Series. While liposuction isn’t an end-all, cure-all solution for men or women who are overweight, it can be a great tool to help solve certain issues that plague men as they grow older, and when used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise, is an effective tool in looking good, feeling good, and retaining a healthy body.