Am I a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

With age, your facial features naturally change, and your brow region is one area where you might notice a dramatic difference. A drooping brow can give you a permanently tired or angry appearance, even when you’re feeling your best. A brow lift could be an ideal solution if you struggle with wrinkles and sagging skin in your forehead and eyebrow area.

However, before considering any cosmetic procedure, it’s crucial to determine if you are a good candidate. In this post, we’ll explore what a brow lift is, how to determine if you’re a suitable candidate, the typical concerns it addresses, any age or health requirements, non-surgical alternatives, and when to consult a plastic surgeon to make an informed decision.

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a surgical procedure to elevate sagging eyebrows to a more youthful position. It involves repositioning the underlying forehead tissues and muscles to smooth out wrinkles. Also known as a forehead lift, a brow lift can improve the appearance of a heavy or furrowed brow, resulting in a refreshed look.

There are two primary types of brow lifts – traditional and endoscopic. The conventional approach involves creating a longer incision within the hairline, allowing the surgeon to address more extensive sagging. The endoscopic technique involves a tiny camera and smaller incisions, making it less invasive and leading to a quicker recovery.

How Can You Determine if You Are a Good Brow Lift Candidate?

While a brow lift can produce impressive results, not everyone is well-qualified for the procedure. Here are some factors to consider:

Sagging  Eyebrows

If you notice that your eyebrows have started to droop, giving your eyes a hooded appearance, a brow lift may be an excellent option to lift and reposition them.

Forehead Wrinkles and Furrows

Deeply etched forehead furrows can make you look older than you feel. A brow lift can smooth these wrinkles, giving you a more relaxed look.

Excess Skin in the Brow Area

If you have excess skin in your brow region, removing it will result in a tighter look and feel.

Realistic Expectations

You must be realistic about the procedure’s outcome. A brow lift can enhance your appearance, but it won’t make you look like a completely different person.

Good Overall Health

Like any surgical procedure, a brow lift requires you to be in good general health for a smoother and safer recovery process.


Nicotine can impair your body’s ability to heal and increase the risk of potential complications. If you smoke, we expect you to quit before undergoing a brow lift.

What Are the Common Concerns and Issues Addressed by a Brow Lift?

A brow lift can correct several cosmetic concerns around your eye and eyebrow area.

Drooping Eyebrows

Your skin loses elasticity with age, causing your eyebrows to droop and sag. Elevating your eyebrows will open your eyes and give your face a more alert appearance.

Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles

Deep horizontal forehead lines can be a natural part of the aging process. A brow lift can smooth these wrinkles by tightening the skin and underlying tissues.

Frown Lines

Also known as glabellar or “11” lines, frown lines are the vertical creases between the eyebrows. A brow lift can minimize these, creating a more relaxed and approachable expression.

Crow’s Feet

Though a brow lift primarily targets the forehead and brow area, it can have a subtle positive impact on the crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes.

Hooded Eyelids

In some cases, sagging brows can lead to excess skin gathering around the upper eyelids, causing them to appear heavy and hooded. A brow lift can alleviate this concern by reducing the excess skin.

Are There Any Age or Health Requirements to Consider for Brow Lift Candidacy?

While there are no strict age limitations for a brow lift, most candidates are typically in their 40s to 60s, as this is the age range where the signs of aging in the brow area are most pronounced. However, some patients may experience significant brow sagging earlier, based on factors like genetics and lifestyle.

Being physically and mentally healthy is essential for any surgical procedure. Your plastic surgeon will thoroughly evaluate your medical history and perform a physical examination to ensure you can undergo surgery safely. Be prepared to discuss any existing medical conditions, medications you’re taking, and previous surgeries.

Non-Surgical Alternatives to Consider Before Opting for a Brow Lift

While a brow lift can deliver impressive results, it is essential to explore non-surgical alternatives first, as they may be sufficient for milder cases or those who prefer a non-invasive approach. Some non-surgical options to consider include the following.

Botox or Dysport

Neuromodulators can temporarily relax the muscles that cause forehead wrinkles and frown lines, resulting in a smoother appearance. While the effects are not permanent, they can last for several months.

Dermal Fillers

Adding volume and lifting sagging skin is possible by injecting hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers into the brow area. Like Botox, the effects are temporary but can be effective for many patients.

Topical Treatments

Various creams and serums claim to tighten and firm the skin. While they may provide temporary improvement, their results are generally less significant than those of surgical procedures.

When Should You Consult With a Plastic Surgeon to Determine if You Are a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

If you’ve assessed the factors mentioned above and believe that a brow lift could be the ideal solution for your cosmetic concerns, the next step is to schedule a consultation with a reputable and experienced plastic surgeon. During this consultation, the surgeon will evaluate your facial anatomy, skin quality, and degree of sagging to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Come to your consultation ready to discuss your expectations, desired outcome, and any questions or concerns about the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will explain the techniques available, risks and potential complications, and the recovery process. They will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your aesthetic philosophy.

Why Choose Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville?

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