Breast Augmentation and Your Active Lifestyle


When considering breast augmentation, the expertise and guidance of a board-certified plastic surgeon should ensure a successful procedure, especially for women who wish to continue an active lifestyle.

The type and placement of implants will determine how much breast surgery affects your athletic endeavors. For an average woman, her breast augmentation options will not negatively impact or restrict her normal activities, and she should return to her previous lifestyle with little to no adjustments.

But for the athlete who participates in activities which push her body to the limit, she must pay careful attention to her implant options. A limited increase in size may be necessary, so there will be no restriction on her activities after recovery. This limitation may also help reduce other physical issues like back pain.

Your plastic surgeon will inform you of the limitations you will have during the recovery phase. You will be restricted to light activity until they advise you to resume your workout regimen. You will be encouraged, however, to do some exercises to facilitate proper healing.

The CrossFit Crowd

Women who participate in CrossFit elevate their active lifestyle to the extreme. These athletes do more with their body and require more strength than the average person. Their range of motion, animation, and strength is important to their CrossFit routine and needs to stay at a high level. Breast implants can limit these capacities and affect their physical routines if not chosen correctly.

Understanding implant type and placement and making the right choices are critical for CrossFit patients so they will not lose their ability to be effective in this area of their lives.

Best Implant Type

When choosing an implant type for the physically active patient, board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Mary Gingrass and Dr. Melinda Haws, tend to recommend the cohesive gel implant. This implant is the latest and most advanced for women who need stable, comfortable, and durable implants for their active lifestyle.

Gummy Bear

This highly cohesive gel implant received FDA approval after more than 12 years of clinical study. We use them in various breast surgeries including augmentation and revisions, such as the implant exchange surgery. They are called gummy bear implants because they have a more solid core unlike their more liquid-based predecessors.

These implants consist of a silicone core which if ruptured, will stay intact much like their namesake, gummy bear candy.

Because its center is thick and firm, a cohesive gel implant has an optimal cohesive ability. Silicone comes in a wide range of firmness from the liquid form (hair gel) to a solid form (kitchen cutting board). The gummy bear implants have the perfect firmness to resist developing creases and folds, yet soft enough to feel like a normal breast. They are also designed with different degrees of cohesiveness to ensure there is an implant for every active lifestyle.

The benefits of increased cohesiveness include reduced palpability and visibility through the overlying breast tissue or skin.

The newer gummy bear implants offer patients the ability to select a cohesive gel implant which has a range of projection, height, and width. The advantage to a shaped implant is it offers more options which can fit any body type. The different projection options are useful for women with breast asymmetries, constricted base breasts, or tuberous breasts.

Cohesive gel implants are also optimal for women who are extremely active and need an implant which is durable and stable. While there is not one breast implant which is best for all women, the Gummy Bear implant allows for a modern and custom approach to breast augmentation surgery, especially for the active lifestyle.

Implant Placement

When considering breast augmentation, one decision to make is where the implants will go – over the muscle or under it? Many women choose under the muscle because the breast is more natural to the touch because the tissue under the skin is natural. This choice may cause a problem for CrossFit women or those whose activities develop chest muscles.

When the muscle becomes firm and flexes, it can compress the implant placed underneath and alter size and shape. For women who compete in body building, this may cause problems with the judges.

One reason the cohesive gel implant is popular with the CrossFit crowd is the implant has a normal feel-to-touch when placed over the muscle. Here the implant will not be affected as much when the muscle is moving or expands, allowing the athlete to enjoy a better range of motion as well.

Implant Size

The best rule here is to go with an implant which is conducive to your natural, fit body type. The reason is to ensure an optimal range of motion and avoid animation deformity. As an athlete or active woman, you need to ensure your implants will not interfere with your lifestyle because choosing implants to increase to a size which does not fit your body may do more harm than good. Also, you will experience a decrease in strength which is important to many women who need it in the gym.

With a wide selection of implants available, we can help you choose the perfect implant which will increase your breast appearance while not altering your lifestyle drastically. Size does matter, and with our computer imaging and years of experience, we can help you pick the implant which is perfect for your body and lifestyle.

Putting It All Together

Many of our patients lead active lifestyles which require special considerations when considering breast augmentation surgery. We understand how important the time and effort they spend keeping fit is to them. We also understand the variables of breast augmentation surgery, and how to develop a surgical plan which will allow them to continue their workout regimen and maintain their active lifestyle.

The first step to a successful procedure is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring and breast surgery. Here, you will receive an extensive evaluation based on your body type and activity level. Next, preparing for surgery is crucial. Most women who are physically fit are more prepared than those who have a less-active lifestyle. However, there may be some preparations necessary like blood work and getting a mammogram.

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