3 Reasons Why CoolSculpting Is the Perfect Complement to Healthy Diet and Exercise

  For an unlucky few, being healthy and looking fit can be mutually exclusive. There are just some people, despite being able to do unlimited hill sprints and planks for what seems like days, still can’t seem to tone and shape their body in the ways that they want. There seems to be no fasting… Read More »

Let Your Beauty Bloom This Spring with a Breast Augmentation

Life is too short to waste on the “what ifs”, and the fleeting seasons are a reminder of that. If you’ve always wanted to have bigger breasts, then don’t wait for something to happen before you decide to get a breast augmentation. When you strike while the iron is hot, you don’t have to wonder… Read More »

New Year, New You! Why 2017 Is Your Year for Cosmetic Surgery

New Year, New Beginnings! The New Year is an excellent time to make plans for self-improvement. After all, it would be pointless to hope for a better year if you do nothing to improve all aspects of your life. This is why New Year’s resolutions are so popular, they motivate people to improve upon themselves…. Read More »

ASPS Releases New Public Service Videos

Please take the time to watch the videos below and share with others. The videos are part of a public service campaign by the America Society of Plastic Surgeons to encourage patients to do their research before undergoing surgical procedures. Please make sure your surgeon, like Dr. Gingrass and Dr. Haws, are Board Certified in… Read More »

Dr. Gingrass Featured on Local ABC News

Dr. Gingrass and the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville was recently asked to comment on the demand for cosmetic surgery and it’s relationship with the economy. The news piece goes on to say that as the economy continues to improve, the demand for plastic surgery has increased, not only in the Mid-State, but across the… Read More »