CoolSculpting: High Tech Help to Support for Your 2020 Resolutions

If 2020’s the year you’re determined to get the figure you’ve always wanted, you may have some work ahead of you. CoolSculpting goes a long way in terms of supporting your diet and exercise goals for the next decade. This cutting-edge technology allows you to relax while your fat gets frozen and flushed away permanently with little to no downtime.

CoolSculpting has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures around the globe. Using patented technology, CoolSculpting can precisely target your stubborn fat pockets, freezing the cells and causing the body to eliminate them naturally. Amazingly, this FDA-approved treatment is gentle enough to leave the surrounding skin, muscle, and other tissue completely unharmed.

CoolSculpting’s Amazing Technology: The Effortless Complement to Diet and Exercise

Today, CoolSculpting is the #1 non-surgical fat reduction treatment across the globe. Utilizing advanced technology, this treatment freezes fat cells to destroy them via cryolipolysis. Though CoolSculpting has become renowned for its fat-zapping power, the tech is based on findings published by a group of Harvard researchers studying popsicles.

Reviewing the data, scientists found the study participants gained dimples after having a popsicle in their mouths for an extended period. When they looked to see why this was happening, they realized that fat cells die below a certain temperature. Skin, muscles, and other tissue, on the other hand, have a much higher cold tolerance and are left unaffected.

CoolSculpting perfects this principle to provide transformative results. We can target, freeze, and destroy stubborn fat for good using this fully FDA-approved treatment to non-surgically eliminate fat. Once the fat is gone, it will not come back as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

The patented applicator has both freezing and suction elements for precision. Our Certified CoolSculpting Specialist will use the device to break down fatty tissue underneath the skin.

After your procedure, the body naturally gets rid of the unwanted, eliminated fat cells. CoolSculpting can get rid of an impressive 15 to 30 percent of fat cells in the treated area. You’ll see full results several weeks after you undergo a procedure, as it takes time for the body to do its part expelling the fat cells.

If you’re working hard to stay trim this next year, let one weapon in your fitness arsenal give you a break from huge effort. CoolSculpting can provide you stunning results to make your 2020 body better than ever.

What Happens During a CoolSculpting Procedure?

When you arrive at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville for a CoolSculpting procedure, our Certified CoolSculpting Specialist will customize a treatment plan just for you and have the chance to ask any questions you may have before your treatment begins.

After marking the desired treatment area(s), our Certified CoolSculpting Specialist will apply the applicator to target your unwanted fat. Next, we turn on the suction and cooling–most patients say this part feels like putting an ice pack on their skin. You’ll likely feel a bit of stinging initially, but in just a couple of minutes the area will be entirely numb. Throughout the rest of your treatment, you can listen to music, relax, read, nap, or do some work on a laptop or tablet. After 35 minutes, we’ll remove the applicator and massage the treated area. Once the treatment is completed and you’ll be free to return to your usual work and activities.

Some patients say they feel a bit of numbness in the area or a mild tingling sensation following treatment. This is due to the underlying skin and tissue returning to normal temperature, and any sensation should dissipate after an hour or so. In some rare cases, patients may feel slight tingling up to a few weeks after the procedure while the body eliminates dead fat cells. Others say they feel a soreness similar to the feeling after an intense workout in the area for a day or two.

For patients hoping to target several areas or see more considerable results, we can often treat more than one area a time. Currently, the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville has three CoolSculpting machines available.

Join Over 6 Million People: Commit to the Body You Want

CoolSculpting is the number one means of non-invasive fat reduction. Patients and doctors alike love the precision, efficiency, and consistency CoolSculpting offers. Today, over 6 million people worldwide have seen the benefits of this game-changing treatment.

These people are living proof of the effectiveness, and research agrees. More than 70 peer-reviewed clinical publications found Coolsculpting to be free of medically concerning side effects and safe for use. The few side effects possible are brief and mild. In combination with exercise and a healthy diet, CoolSculpting can make 2020 the beginning of life long results.

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Figuring out what you want your resolution to be is hard enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about this year becoming another tale of tried and failed. Our team at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville is here to offer you the tools and support you need to make your goals a reality. If you’re ready to get fit, stay trim, and finally say goodbye to stubborn fat, CoolSculpting could be right for you.

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