Why Winter’s Chemical Peels and Laser Treatments Ensure You Stun in the Spring

Welcome to Winter! With the decorations packed and gifts put away, it’s time to get to work. What were those New Year’s resolutions again? Oh yes, lose weight and get into shape in time for Spring and Summer.

While it’s commendable to work so hard to look better, there are other options. There are less intense treatments, such as chemical peels or laser skin resurfacing. Think of them as your secret weapon for the Spring. 

Why you ask? Take a look in the mirror. Underneath the face smiling back at you is a more vibrant, younger-looking you waiting to come out. With the right treatment, you can bring your skin to life just in time for outdoor fun.

Here’s why you should take advantage of these treatments before Spring arrives:

After a Busy Summer Season, Your Skin Can Use a Retune

What’s not to enjoy in the Summer? Parties, concerts, vacations, and other outdoor fun.  Hopefully, you had a chance to enjoy it all before the rainy, colder skies arrived. Unfortunately, even though your Summer tan has probably faded, your skin might be left with a little wear and tear.

Like a trusty guitar that needs tuning, your skin may have a layer or two that incurred some damage over the Summer. No worries, laser treatments, and chemical peels, which remove damaged layers of skin, are an easy way to tune up your skin and look your best once again.

But during the Winter, aside from using lotion, we often don’t think of our skin. We keep it entirely covered up except for one glaring exception – our face. If you have big plans for Spring and Summer, you may need to care for it now. 

In the Winter, Your Skin Has Plenty of Healing Time

Think about when you work out, given enough time to heal, your muscles steadily get stronger. Laser treatments and chemical peels act in the same way for your skin. Not many people would choose to climb a mountain the day after they run a marathon. They would first take the time to heal. 

And that’s what Winter gives you – time. Depending on your choice of skin treatment, you may need several days out of the Sun to recover. In the Winter, you’re more likely to have this time to spare. Luckily, In Nashville, most of us aren’t attending many cookouts this time of year.

Look at it this way. You now have the perfect excuse to stay in and catch up on things indoors.  A home improvement project? A Netflix binge? That’s up to you. Either way, you can make the best of the time by doing something good for your skin.

Your Skin Heals Better With More Sleep

What’s the most common advice you hear about healing any part of the body? Get lots of rest. And while we may not like the Winter, it can help us get better sleep in two crucial ways: less daylight and cooler temperatures. Our bodies naturally react to darkness by producing the right hormones to make us feel sleepy, and many studies have shown that we tend to getter better sleep in cooler air.

Therefore, a little hibernation might just be the prescription you need after a laser treatment or chemical peel. It allows your body to focus on repairing itself using the energy you’d typically use on waking activities. You can set your alarm a little later and let your skin do it’s work.  

Besides, who wants to wake up early on those cold, dark winter mornings anyway? By getting your skin treatments done now, you’ll have a very legitimate reason to get more rest. And do we need to go on about the other benefits of a good night’s sleep? Surely we’d all appreciate increased energy and a better mood.

More Healing Time Allows for More Treatments

Again, for skin repair, time is on your side in the Winter. However, not only do you get better quality healing time, you get more of it. From January to March, Nashville receives between ten and eleven rainy days per month and even more cloudy days. This extra, non-sun time enables you to have multiple skin treatments to reach your desired look.

As you may know, there is a wide range of skin treatments available. If you decide to start with a milder treatment, you can then, if you choose, follow it up with an additional one. It may make sense for you to get started ASAP so that you can have your treatments done in time for Spring Break or early summer vacation. Let others worry about their skin when it’s too late. You’ll be in the Sun, enjoying yourself on a patio or a beach somewhere (with the right sunscreen, of course).

Repair Your Winter Dry Skin

Have you ever wondered why, as the Winter weather gets wetter, our skin gets dryer? Just thank our heating systems. The humidity in our homes and offices decreases as a result of conventional furnaces.  And our skin can respond with a severe dry skin condition known as eczema. It’s easy to hide with clothes unless, of course, it’s on the face.

Although lotion is a good short-term solution, it only moisturizes the same outer layer of skin you’ve carried since the Summer. After a laser treatment or clinical-grade chemical peel, your skin will shed these older layers of skin. It’s like taking the wrapping off a brand-new iPhone.

And one beautiful thing about getting resurfacing treatment done now is that you will see improvements quickly. For some procedures, the recovery time is less than a week. So, just in case you have a high-profile Winter function to attend, you can be ready, face and all.  

Your Options to Consider

While your time to take advantage of Winter is growing short, your options for laser treatments and chemical peels at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville are plentiful.

So, what are some options to consider? The Microlaser provides an excellent peel that can be precise to a variety of depths. Broadband Laser, as an alternative, is useful for targeting sun or age spots. ProFractional laser effectively treats problems like acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Finally, SkinTyte is an excellent treatment for tightening sagging skin and stimulating collagen production.

As for chemical peels, consider RevPeel, which is of medium-depth and can clear up scars and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. As an alternative, try the VI Peel (also of medium depth), which can improve tone, eliminate sun damage, even texture, and treat acne.

With the variety of treatments available, there’s bound to be one that fits your skin’s needs.  In your consultation, you and your doctor will determine your best option.         

Act Now Before Spring is Here

The human body is a remarkable engine of healing. During exercise, we subject it to a little bit of stress, and it responds by recovering stronger than it was before. Chemical peels and laser treatments work the same way. Your skin heals back fresher and healthier than before. 

The challenge is that our skin is easy to ignore. We can look at it every day and still fail to notice its needs. Meanwhile, it’s the part of us everyone sees the most. Why not take the opportunity to make such a noticeable improvement with a chemical peel or laser treatment?

This Winter, even if the skies and horizon are dull, your skin doesn’t have to be. Now is the time to bring your look to life. Contact the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville today to schedule your free consultation!