Go Swimming with Confidence This Summer – Get a Tummy Tuck

Even at a time when high-waisted swim suits and one pieces are en vogue, no poolside outfit is complete without a flat tummy to show off. Those of us with a potbelly instead of a certified beach body usually have a hard time during the summer; it’s really tough to feel confident when we feel like our bodies aren’t chiseled enough to pull-off bikinis or swim trunks. Forget about earning that beach body, too; there’s usually no amount of dieting or exercise that can get us the chiseled abs we’ve always wanted. Thankfully there is a way for you to finally flatten that belly in time for the summer: the tummy tuck.

H2: Why Can’t I Flatten My Belly?
A flat, chiseled abdomen can be one of the toughest things to achieve for people with round bellies. Most of the time stubborn deposits of fat and loose skin make it impossible to flatten with diet and exercise. Mothers have another obstacle: tightening abdominal muscles that have separated and stretched due to pregnancy. Although a potbelly shouldn’t be a reflection of poor diet or lack of exercise, we still want our bodies to look as fit as we feel.

How Can a Tummy Tuck Help Me?

When diet and exercise have failed, the tummy tuck is your key to a flat and athletic tummy. Using an incision right above the pelvic bone, a tummy tuck will remove the excess skin and fat that cause jiggling stomachs and tighten the abdominal muscles to give you an athletically contoured abdomen. Before the incision is closed, your surgeon will pull down your skin so that your stomach is tighter and smoother than ever.

Tummy Tuck Benefits

A tummy tuck won’t just flatten the abdomen and narrow the waist; it can also remove stretch marks below the belly button. Don’t want scars from the procedure to show? Your surgeon will strategically place your incision so that any scar will be hidden by the even the skimpiest bikini bottoms and the shortest swim trunks.

It’s time you hit the beach with confidence this summer. For amazing tummy tuck results, contact the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville for a consultation.