Help! I Had Bariatric Surgery and Now My Skin Sags.

Congratulations on your weight loss! Many of our post-bariatric patients are delighted by their new, slimmer bodies but somewhat disappointed by the excess, loose skin that remains. Complete your weight loss journey with us with post-bariatric plastic surgery. Remove excess skin, tighten up contours, and discover the smaller body you’ve waited years to have.

What Is Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery?

Losing a great deal of weight is important for your health, but is only the first step to a new, smaller body. After you drop the pounds, you’ll likely need plastic surgery to adjust the contours of your body. Here at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville, we offer a variety of body contouring treatments to perfect your shape and alleviate much of the discomfort and embarrassment that excess skin can cause. Post-bariatric plastic surgery is the final step in a long weight loss journey. You’re almost there!

What Surgeries May be Included in My Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery?

We customize each treatment to your unique needs, and will create a customized treatment plan for your ideal body. The following treatments are favorites of many of our post-bariatric patients, and are commonly recommended by our doctors.

  • Body Lift– Remove excess skin from the torso and create your ideal shape.
  • Breast Augmentation– Restore breast volume after weight loss.
  • Breast Lift– Correct drooping or sagging breasts.
  • Breast Reduction– Resize overly large or uncomfortable breasts.
  • Male Breast Reduction– Create a flat, masculine chest for male patients.
  • Tummy Tuck– Remove excess abdominal skin and create a flat stomach.
  • Liposuction– Remove stubborn fat pockets.
  • Facelift– Rejuvenate the face and eliminate the deflated look that is common after weight loss.
  • Arm Lift– Tighten up loose skin on the arms.
  • Thigh Lift– Remove excess skin on the thighs and upper legs.

What Can Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery Do for Me?

Post-bariatric plastic surgery isn’t just cosmetic. It can have many other positive effects, including:

  • Feel better about your new body.
  • Easier to exercise; keep the weight off.
  • Eliminate uncomfortable rashes from skin folds.
  • Excess skin is heavy, so you’ll likely drop those final pounds.
  • More clothing possibilities.
  • Feel more confident and more comfortable.

Have you lost a substantial amount of weight? Call and schedule your consultation with us today!