Nursing After Getting Breast Implants – Can You Or Can’t You?

Thinking about breast implants, but hoping for future children? Many women delay getting breast implants until they’ve finished having children due to concerns they may be unable to breastfeed after breast augmentation. The good news is many women can and do breastfeed after implants.

Our own Dr. Gingrass is the perfect example of breastfeeding success after breast augmentation.

“I breastfed my first child before I had implants and was surprised by how much I enjoyed the whole experience,” Dr. Gingrass said. “I had my BA [breast augmentation] at age 40, thinking I was done with childbearing. I went on to have a ‘little surprise’ at age 43 and had no problems nursing that baby! And, surprisingly, my breasts didn’t look all that much different after this second child!”

Looking back, Dr. Gingrass says, “I wish I had gotten my implants sooner!” Don’t let the prospect of future children keep you from the breasts you want today.

If You Can Breastfeed Without Implants, You Should Be Able to Breastfeed With Them.

Not all women are able to breastfeed, but most women who can are able to successfully do so even after breast augmentation. Many women who have a child and breastfeed before implants go on to breastfeed future children after implants. If you haven’t had a child yet and want to know if you’ll be able to breastfeed, you may be able to get an idea by looking at the amount of natural breast tissue you have. If you’re seeking implants due to tubular breasts, uneven breasts, widely spaced breasts, or a lack of natural breast development, you are at a higher risk of not being able to breastfeed, even without implants. More glandular tissue typically means more potential for milk production.

Incision and Placement Matter

If breastfeeding is a priority to you, make sure you tell us during your breast augmentation consultation. Certain incision types and implant placements can increase your chances of breastfeeding success. We typically recommend against incisions around the areola for women who hope to breastfeed in the future. Implants should be placed under the muscle to ensure that they don’t compress your glandular tissues. Odds are, you’ll be able to breastfeed your future children.

Will Pregnancy Cause My Implants to Sag?

With or without implants, pregnancy changes the breasts. Some women go through pregnancy with implants and still look great afterwards. Other women may have some sagging. This sagging would have likely occurred even without the implants. A breast lift can correct any sagging that occurs.

If you’re thinking about implants but haven’t yet finished growing your family, call and schedule a consultation. Our all-female plastic surgeons understand your concerns and will help you understand your options. The hope for a future pregnancy and breastfeeding relationship with your child doesn’t prohibit you from implants now. Call today and learn more.