Labiaplasty – What’s It All About?

The internet has brought us amazing things; from email to internet shopping, the world is at our finger tips.  Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and You Tube, we can follow each other’s fashion and trends from clothing and shoes, to hairstyles, make up, even personal grooming.  As the 90’s progressed, the internet became more readily available to the general public. As internet access grew, so did the trend of grooming pubic hair. Was this driven by Playboy, internet pornography, or by sharing videos of Brazilian waxes and hair removal laser?  It’s hard to say, and the answer no doubt lies somewhere in that mix.  Fashion followed that paucity of pubic hair; so gone are the swim suit bottoms with liners, and here come skinny jeans and yoga pants worn on a daily basis.  Thin or fitted pants not only show any errant pubic hair, it can also show a protruding labia.  In addition to this, without pubic hair to pad and cushion the labia, those same tight jeans or work out wear can be downright painful to wear. Now that we can all see our pubic areas clearly, as well as compare them to others on the internet, we don’t always like what we see.  Much like plastic surgeons can change your breasts so that you like them more, you can also change the appearance of your labia and your pubic area.

At the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville, we can help with the appearance and feel of your labia in and out of clothes.  This procedure usually involves reduction in the length of the labia minora (the inner lips) so that they no longer hang below the labia majora (outer hair-bearing lips).  Many times, the clitoral hood is also too full and needs to be addressed as well.  Sometimes the labia majora or outer lips are problematic. While it’s possible for the outer lips to be too long, it’s far more common for them to be deflated and in need of plumping up by filling them usually with fat.  Plumping them also works to lift these outer lips.

If your labia are bothering you by how they feel or how they look, make an appointment to see myself, Dr. Melinda Haws, or my partner, Dr. Mary Gingrass for evaluation.  The Labiaplasty surgery is outpatient under local anesthetic, and usually only requires a day or two out of work.  Most are back at full activity, sex, running, wearing tight clothes by three weeks at the longest.

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