Dr. Haws and Dr. Gingrass Discuss Breast Augmentation: 101

Dr. Melinda Haws and Dr. Mary Gingrass, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons & Founders of the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville again join eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information Channel to discuss breast augmentation. Listen to the interview with host Eric Michaels and guests Dr. Melinda Haws and Dr. Mary Gingrass as they discuss the following: What… Read More »

Dynamic Duos… Must-Try Cosmetic Treatment Combinations

Turn up the results on your next cosmetic treatment by pairing it with another. Some treatments, while great on their own, provide even more stunning results when done together. Try one of these powerhouse combinations for a stunning new look that is sure to turn heads. Breast Lift + Breast Augmentation What do you get… Read More »