Video Testimonial

Listen to the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville’s past patients describe their experience with Drs. Haws and Gingrass, as well as the Nashville team.


The main things that caused me to seek out a plastic surgeon is that this is something that I’ve always wanted to do and I finally came to a point where I got a little bit more curious. When I started looking for a plastic surgeon I ran into people that highly recommended Nashville Plastic… Read More »


I met Dr. Gingrass probably about 10 years ago. I was looking for someone to have my breasts taken down. I had a child, they had gotten bigger than they’ve ever been, and I just couldn’t get them down. I went to see a couple other doctors, and I just was not comfortable with them…. Read More »


I work at Baptist Plaza Surgicare with Dr. Gingrass and Dr. Haws as a Surgical Nurse. My body changed a lot after I had children. My breasts and my abdomen both were quite changed by the child birth process, to say the least. I was exposed to plastic surgery a lot at the time, and… Read More »


When I first met Dr. Haws I was absolutely impressed first of all because she’s breath taking. As a person she’s extremely nice, not what you would expect from someone in her position. I respect her and look up to her for her experience and knowledge. When she came into the room it was just… Read More »


I have tried to stay in relatively good shape and run a lot, and done a little bit of weight training. I had even done three full marathons, and three halves here at the Country Music Marathon. There were some areas that were just not going away. Some people said, “you know, you can get… Read More »

Sue G. – Augmentation/Mastopexy

Dr.Haws is a wonderful doctor. She has made me feel like a person every step of the way from consultation to Post Op care & check-Ups. I am very please with her work and the fact that there is minimal scarring.

Angela G. – Breast Implant Exchange

Most informative consult I have ever had. After deciding to have a breast lift and reduction, Dr. Haws pulled th saline out of my implants til i reached my desired size, thank goodness we did this. I was asking for a C cup and with the D cup I was very happy, if I hadn’t… Read More »

Callie – Breast Augmentation

Dr. Gingrass was absolutely amazing! I could not be happier with my results! Her and her staff have been so perfect in helping me along my surgery process. I would recommend her to ANYONE!