What Influence Do Celebrities Have on Plastic Surgery Trends?

What influence do celebrities have on plastic surgery trends? When you come in for a little beauty enhancement are you actually following in the footsteps of your favorite star? Although some may want plastic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lawrence, most of our patients come in for plastic surgery because they want to look like themselves. They want their exterior to mirror how they feel inside. They may have a problem area that needs a bit of tweaking or want to enhance their natural beauty, but for the most part, patients are seeking to look like themselves, only better. Whether you want to slow the signs of aging, restore your body after childbirth and pregnancy, or finally love your breasts, at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville, we’re here to help; come see us today!

Educated Patients Focus Less on Celebrity Trends

Years ago it was common to have a patient come in with a photo of a celebrity asking to replicate a particular star’s nose, eyes, bust line, etc., but recent years have seen a decrease in this trend. In fact a recent study from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) found that a majority of patients (59%) ask for procedures by describing the area in question rather than referencing a celebrity. It is believed that an increased access to information through the internet is leading potential plastic surgery patients to do their research before coming in for surgery or even a consultation. Approximately 60% of patients get their information about plastic surgery online.

While patient education is certainly a good thing, it doesn’t eliminate the need for a quality plastic surgeon that is willing and ready to walk you through the plastic surgery process. Don’t choose your surgeon based on price alone. Do your research not just on the procedures you might like, but also on the quality of care you’re likely to receive. Always choose a board certified plastic surgeon with experience performing the procedure you’re considering.

A Demand for Natural Looking Results

While celebrity influence may not be the driving force behind many patients’ decision to get plastic surgery, it is certainly having an impact on the industry. The demand for natural looking results is strong both in minimally invasive and surgical procedures. If you need a recent example, think back on the public backlash Renee Zellweger received when she made a red carpet appearance looking a bit different than her usual self. Plastic surgery is a tool to enhance YOUR natural beauty, not a way to become someone else.

Celebrities are known for looking gorgeous every time they step on the red carpet. We all know that they don’t age flawlessly on their own. For a little help looking your best, give us a call today and become a more confident you tomorrow.