What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation in Your 40s

It’s not all a young woman’s game; we’re seeing an unprecedented number of women in their 40s and beyond enhance their figure and boost their confidence through breast augmentation. Women in their 40’s often deal with a whole other set of problems, like aging or the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Still, with a different station in life comes a whole new set of freedoms; in their 40’s, women are likely to be done having children, have a stable career, and are much more emotionally mature and self-assured. If you’re curious about what it means to enhance your body at a certain age, here’s all you need to know about breast augmentation in your 40s.

Combating Aging

While women in their 20’s and 30’s are typically focused on enhancing the volume of smaller breasts, women in their 40’s are usually trying to combat signs of aging and the effects of motherhood and breastfeeding. Those changes can come in the form of sagging skin, lost volume in the breast tissue, flattened breasts, and drooping nipples. Thankfully, a breast augmentation can help women attain a more youthful figure by:

  • Increasing breast volume
  • Enhancing the cleavage
  • Shaping the breasts
  • Creating a fuller, firmer look to the breasts

Mommy Makeover

By the time they hit their 40s women are usually done having children, making it the perfect time for women to finally fix motherhood’s changes on their figures. One plastic surgery treatment that’s growing in popularity is the Mommy Makeover, a series of cosmetic procedures meant to reverse the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Almost all Mommy Makeovers feature, you guessed it, a breast augmentation, so if you’re wondering if you should rejuvenate just a few more areas along with your breasts, the Mommy Makeover might be the way to go.

Maybe A Lift?

While breast augmentation can rejuvenate your breasts, aging will continue. To maintain their results, women in their 40’s should be open to the possibility of also getting a breast lift in the future or combining their breast augmentation with a lift. One thing to keep in mind is that a lift can introduce a new set of scars around the nipple, down the breast mound, or horizontally in the crease. Although with a talented, skilled surgeon, the incisions should heal quite well and the scarring should be inconspicuous. Those who get a breast lift with implants can also look forward to:

  • Breast repositioned to a perkier level
  • Nipples repositioned to a more youthful level
  • The prevention of future breast sagging because of the implants

It might not seem like it, but your 40’s is the perfect time to get a breast augmentation. But timing isn’t the only important aspect of scheduling your breast augmentation surgery, you need the right doctors too. Want to work with the right people? Contact the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville now, for a consultation on breast augmentation.