Customizing the Mommy Makeover to Match Your Needs

No two mothers are made the same. It makes sense that the changes to a mother’s body after pregnancy, childbirth, and breast feeding don’t have the same effects on everyone. Formally, a “Mommy Makeover” is a series of plastic surgery procedures that are used by moms to get their bodies back after childbirth. At the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville, a Mommy Makeover can be any type of cosmetic procedure that a particular woman wants to undergo. We believe that the Mommy Makeover should be accessible to every woman, which is why we make it highly customizable for whatever you want.


Pregnancy and breast feeding can really wreak havoc on our breasts; everything from lost volume to sagging can make moms feel less alluring and less youthful. Women who had implants prior to their pregnancies might also find that their implants just don’t look the same. That’s why we offer breast augmentation, breast lift, and even breast augmentation revision to fix implants for our moms.

Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy can create diet and exercise resistant fat on the abdomen, stretch marks, and a loosening of the abdominal muscles, giving moms a new, apple-shaped figure. To get those washboard abs back, a tummy tuck can remove excess skin and fat on the abdomen, while tightening the abdominal muscles for a more athletic stomach. For another variation, choose a mini-tummy tuck if you want only skin and muscle to be taken care of.


Being a mommy can sometimes give women curves in all the wrong places. Thanks to stubborn pockets of fat in the hips, thighs, bellies and other body parts, women might have trouble fitting into the clothes they used to easily slip in. The fat you gain after pregnancy and childbirth can be nearly impossible to get rid of with diet and exercise—which is why liposuction can be such a lifesaver.

One unfortunate side effect of pregnancy is congestion of the pelvis, which causes the swelling of the labia. Even after childbirth, the labia can be large enough to cause physical discomfort. For women who want to feel confident about their body and have peace of mind, a labiaplasty can be performed to reshape the labia.

You can separate these procedures or have them done at the same time for maximum recovery efficiency—at our practice, it will be your choice, and your decision. Contact Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville for a consultation with one of our female surgeons.