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Gynecomastia Case 1

25 year old male unhappy with the size of his chest. Post Op: Patient underwent UAL of both breasts. A total of 400cc of fat…

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Gynecomastia Case 2

37 year old man who is self-conscious about his breasts. He is embarrassed to go out without a shirt. Post Op: Patient has undergone UAL…

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Gynecomastia Case 3

35 year old patient desires reduction of gynecomastia. Post op: Patient underwent UAL to bilateral chest with small excision of breast tissue.

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Gynecomastia Case 4

37 year old patient desires better chest contour. Post op: Patient underwent UAL of gynecomastia and excision of breast tissue, he has small 1-2cm incisions…

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Gynecomastia Case 5

25 year old patient desires breasts proportionate with his trunk. Post op: Patient underwent UAL gynecomastia. Approximately 300cc removed per side.

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Gynecomastia Case 6

35 year old male patient desires correction of bulge under each nipple areola. Post op: Patient underwent liposuction and excision of glandular tissue from the…

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Gynecomastia Case 7

41 year old male patient presents with gynecomastia. Post op: Patient underwent UAL liposuction with small amount of breast tissue excision. Post op pictures shown…

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Gynecomastia Case 8

60 year old male unhappy with excess skin and breast tissue. Desires improvement in contour of chest. Post op: Pt underwent male breast reduction with…

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Gynecomastia Case 9

23 year old male patient presented to discuss options for chest.  Patient underwent bilateral liposuction with small tissue excisions for gynecomastia.

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Gynecomastia Case 10

32 year old male patient desires more even chest contour.  Patient underwent direct excision of left sided gynecomastia.

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